Nvidia is Expected launch the GeForce RTX 3090 Ti and RTX 3050 in January 2022

Nvidia will be launching a few new RTX 30 series graphics cards in the coming months. Whether or not you’ll be able to buy one of the new models at a decent price is another story, but we can only hope the situation will improve next year.

According to sources the highly anticipated RTX 3090 Ti GPU will be released on January 27, 2022. Also expected to be released on that same date is the GeForce RTX 3050 8GB with 3072 CUDA cores. With CES 2022 around the corner, expect Nvidia to formally introduce these video cards at the event.

Nvidia is said to be planning to announce the upgraded RTX 3070 Ti 16GB GDDR6X model next week on December 17, while a launch to consumers is scheduled for January 11. As for its specifications, RTX 3070 Ti GPU will contain the same CUDA core count as the 8GB model, in addition to the same clock speeds.

As for the RTX 3090 Ti, it’s expected to be based on the GA102-250 GPU with 10,752 CUDA cores — 256 more than the RTX 3090. The VRAM size is the same 24 gigabytes, but it will reportedly run at 21 Gbps thanks to improved Micron chips.

Next-generation standards such as PCIe Gen 5.0 will be supported by a new 16-pin connector, while a 450 W TDP will offer increased power consumption; the RTX 3090 Ti is set to be Nvidia’s first video card for the consumer market to utilize the full GA102 GPU via its 10,752 CUDA cores.

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