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YouTube gets a new Fullscreen UI for Android and iOS Devices

YouTube keeps updating its website and mobile apps in order to bring about the best possible experience to its users. It recently rolled out a change on its UI that brings a new look on its players, offering a fresh layout for both Android and iOS platforms for the app.

The new video player UI now lets you like, dislike, comment, add to playlist and share when you are watching a video in the full screen mode.

YouTube New vs Old UI Player

The full screen mode also shows a separate ‘more videos’ shortcut with thumbnail preview on the bottom right side instead of showing a separate row on the bottom, which now shows up only when you press it or swipe up from the bottom.

The new YouTube video player user interface is now available only for Android users through a server-side change, so it could roll out the new UI for iOS users soon. However, the issue now is that not all received the update for this, and it is not yet accessible to other platforms, especially as reports from users gather mixed reactions on the feature.