13 Reasons The Stars Are Reuniting For A Horror Movie

13 Reasons The Stars Are Reuniting For A Horror Movie

Filming is over Founders Daya slasher movie that serves as a reunion for some 13 reasons why stars.

As reported by Deadlinethe film is a murder mystery set in Connecticut (where it was filmed) during a mayoral election.

13 reasons whyAmy Hargreaves and Devin Druid star alongside stranger things“Catherine Curtin, ZOMBIES“Emilie McCarthy, Boschis William Russ and Gotham‘s Andrew Stewart Jones, among others. Hargreaves and Russ are co-producers.

Actress Amy Hargreaves in an orange and pink outfit on a red carpet

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Director Erik Bloomquist and co-writer Carson Bloomquist said in a statement, “With thriller slashers serving as an entry point into the genre, we’re thrilled to bring our own mischief-laden, blood-soaked mystery to life.

“Founders Day is a slasher for the world we live in right now, and we can’t wait for the speculation about who’s behind the mask to begin…”

The duo previously directed the horror She came from the woodsand are looking to debut Founders Day at festivals in 2023.

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13 reasons why ended two years ago with its fourth season, and while there is speculation that the decision was made due to declining viewership and the controversies it sparked, creator Brian Yorkey insisted he was “always a little wary” of high school shows that run too long, “because high school is four years”.

“I felt like taking these characters to their graduation and scattering off to their next things, it was like the logical end point,” Yorkey explained.

“So for a long time the idea was, if we were so lucky to have the opportunity, we would do four seasons of this. So certainly going into the breaking story for season four, we knew that it was the end.”

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