32 Last-Minute Christmas Gifts for Employees, Co-workers, Clients and Your Boss

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It happens to all of us – waiting until the last minute to buy gifts. Luckily, with free two-day shipping, same-day delivery, and other perks, you can always get your employees goodies just in time for the holidays.

Should last-minute gifts be given to professional colleagues?

With all the people in your life you’re shopping for during the holiday season, it can be easy to forget about your co-workers. Since you likely spend as much time with co-workers as you do with friends and family, it’s a good idea to include them on your shopping list.

Luckily, you can get plenty of last-minute Christmas gifts from sites like Amazon and Etsy, and you can often save more money doing so. Having an Amazon Prime membership can often get you same-day delivery, free shipping, or other perks. And many other sites offer delivery until Christmas Eve.

If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further than our list of last-minute gift suggestions for your employees, boss, colleagues, and clients.

Thoughtful gift ideas for employees at the last minute

Showing your appreciation to your employees by giving them Christmas gifts is a good practice. They will appreciate that you take the time to think about them during the holiday season.

1. Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser

They’ll love unwinding after a long day at work with the soothing scents of essential oils. This essential oil diffuser is unique and also decorative.

2. Food storage containers

If they’re packing a lunch, they’ll really enjoy these sturdy food containers from Rubbermaid. They’re leak-proof, BPA-free, and have secure closures to keep leftovers fresh.

3. Reusable water bottle

Good for the planet and a reminder to drink more water! This stainless steel water bottle is available in many different colors.

4. Scarf and gloves set

The cold weather doesn’t stop after the holidays – give them a cozy cold weather set like this one that includes gloves, a scarf and a hat.

5. Bath products

Give them a relaxing bath time with a set of bath products. They can be enjoyed immediately and come in many different flavors, colors and types.

6. Office plant

Plants are great items to have on desks – they produce oxygen and generally create a better atmosphere. This desk plant and stand are poseable and fun, and air plants are great even for people without a green thumb.

7. Gift card

Gift cards always make great gifts, and there are so many to choose from. You can get a regular gift card or an e-card or a digital gift card.

Great last-minute gift options for your boss

Need a gift for your boss? Check out our suggestions below. You might also consider getting your co-worker together and giving them a “from all of us” gift.

9. Charcuterie Platter Set

If your boss is a frequent entertainer, he might enjoy a new charcuterie board like this one that has spaces and drawers and comes with a set of knives.

10. Coffee Sampler

For the coffee lover, a coffee sample pack is a welcome holiday gift. There are many types and sizes of samplers for the coffee drinker in your life.

11. Personalized Passport Cover

If your boss is a frequent traveler, a personalized passport cover is a great Christmas gift that will come in very handy.

12. Pen set

Every boss has their favorite pen. Give them their next favorite with a set of pens – add personalization to make the gift recipient feel extra special.

13. Christmas Gift Basket

Gift baskets are universally loved for all occasions. And these days, there are so many types of unique gift baskets that you’re sure to find one to suit everyone.

14. Festive Crown

Decorations also make great gifts, such as a beautiful handmade wreath.

15. International snack box

An international snack box is great fun to receive. You get a variety of snacks from different parts of the world. Most international snack boxes have a monthly subscription box option, or you get just one box.

16. Charging station

A charging station can help organize your boss’ desk and devices. Many charging stations have customization options, and most are suitable for Android and iPhone users.

Here are some great last-minute gift ideas for your colleagues.

17. Mobile phone holder

Keeping your phone in view with a cell phone holder is a practical gift. This adorable chair-like armchair will bring an immediate smile.

18. Photo Cube

A personalized photo cube can display their favorite photos.

19. Holiday Gift Box

This gift box contains caramel popcorn, sweet treats and more.

20. Skin Care Sprays

Mario Badescu makes refreshing sprays to wake up your skin. This set of four makes a great gift.

21. Teapot

If your colleague is a tea drinker, a new teapot will be a much appreciated gift. This one is a bestseller on Amazon.

22. Holiday Tea Towels

Towels and other necessities are always popular. Consider holiday-themed ones that they can pull out every Christmas.

23. Baked Goods Sampler

Treat your co-worker to a selection of delicious cookies and brownies with a baked goods gift box.

24. Cozy Blanket

When it’s cold, nothing is more comfortable than a warm blanket. This one has the personalization option, which makes it a very special gift.

Memorable last-minute gifts for customers

Your customers matter – show them some holiday love with a thoughtful gift, like the ones listed below:

25. Scented candle

A Christmas themed scented candle is a thoughtful customer gift. Almost everyone loves candles.

26. Echo Dot

An Echo Dot would be a great addition to your customer’s smart home.

27. Monthly Planner

A monthly planner will help them keep track of their appointments and other daily life essentials.

28. Art Prints

Stunning wall art can really dress up a room. Find a nice print online or at a local small business.

29. Wine

Wine, liquor and other alcoholic beverages are popular seasonal gifts. They can be used for entertainment or simply enjoyed by the recipient.

30. Reusable shopping bag

As we become more and more environmentally conscious, reusable bags have become very popular items.

31. Wireless Headphones

You can get quality wireless headphones on Amazon and elsewhere. Tozo’s have over 200,000 positive reviews.

32. Wallet

Your customers will benefit a lot from a wallet or wristband. Many also have customization options.

What are the best last minute Christmas gifts?

When shopping at the last minute, the most important thing to look for is whether your items will arrive on time. Look for products that ship quickly – fortunately, many items are still eligible for two-day shipping or better.

Of course, the thought behind your gift is what really matters. You don’t need to buy anything huge or expensive. And, if you’re out of ideas, remember that a gift card is always an option.

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