4 PR trends you need to know for 2023

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As 2022 draws to a close, businesses are beginning to map out their communications strategies for the year ahead. Anticipating market trends is key to attracting as many audiences as possible and positioning your brand as a leader in your space. Here are some trends we see on the horizon in the PR industry that your company should consider:

Affiliate Marketing or Bust

Although affiliate marketing programs have been around for years, they are accelerating faster than ever. Many media outlets simply won’t feature a business that doesn’t have affiliate links. You’ve probably seen affiliate links in tons of listings without realizing that they boost the post. As journalism evolves and outlets struggle for revenue, we see the presence of affiliate marketers and publishers who want a commission on affiliate links becoming ubiquitous in the years to come.

How can you prepare? If you’re a product-focused business, sign up for an affiliate program or consult an outside agency if you’re unsure how to do this. One of the easiest ways to do this is to sell your products on Amazon. All Amazon sellers are automatically enrolled in the Amazon Associates Affiliate Marketing Program. Participating in a program like this will greatly increase your chances that publications will choose to include your products in their abstracts and articles.

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Data, data, data

Data isn’t necessarily a new trend, but using data to inform your content is a concept that’s becoming more integrated into any communications plan year on year. Algorithms are constantly changing and there are more social platforms than ever to interact with. Public will be show what they like or dislike, so be sure to analyze and use that information to inform your next move.

How can you do this? Use an analytics tool to help you visualize and digest your social media stats. Some offer free plans with options to pay for an upgrade with more information. Buffer and Hootsuite are among the top performers, but there are tons of data analytics programs to choose from. Once you have found the best tool for your business, you will need to designate a team (internal or external) to monitor your social media analytics.

In today’s world, it’s practically unacceptable for a business not to have a presence on at least a few of the major social media platforms. Make your content matter with the right tools and a team of experts to gather data that will make your communications strategy succeed.

Lo-fi, unfiltered content reigns supreme

If you haven’t heard the term “lo-fi” yet, you’ll have plenty of luck in 2023 because this trend isn’t going anywhere. The term is originally the opposite of “hi-fi”, a word that refers to audio quality. But lo-fi is a concept that has been extended to include all forms of raw, unfiltered content in general.

After years of audiences being inundated with overly filtered images since Instagram’s inception, the use of more authentic, point-and-shoot content is refreshing. Lo-Fi content comes across as relevant and trustworthy, so it’s no wonder these videos and photos are growing in popularity.

Incorporate unfiltered lo-fi content into your strategy by partnering with influencers who have organic followings or using other forms of user-generated content. Viewers enjoy seeing people like them interact with your products and find it easier to imagine themselves doing the same.

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Quality over quantity with influencer relations

Whether it’s changes in algorithms, the rise in popularity of unfiltered content, or simply the ebb and flow of trends in marketing, we’re seeing changes in the dynamics of influencer partnerships with brands. .

In 2023, we anticipate there will be a shift in focus from quantity to quality of influencer content. Mass giving initiatives, before the days of algorithms that monitored engagement as closely as they do today, were much more effective before. Now, building on the lo-fi, authentic content trends we see on social media, audiences want organic, realistic recommendations from influencers they trust.

To incorporate this into your 2023 strategy, focus on intent on choosing well-aligned influencers to partner with. Less is more, and higher quality content that feels authentic is what your consumers want. Audiences no longer want to be saturated with recommendations, they want to hear from people they trust about products that really work.

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In conclusion, the trends we see coming in 2023 center around transparency and authenticity. Audiences know when it’s sold out and they’re ready for something different. Build relationships with consumers by paying attention to your social analytics, focusing on your content, and partnering with higher quality influencers. And don’t forget to sign up for an affiliate marketing program to increase your chances of getting attention for your products.

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