7 Huge Casualty Spoilers For An Impromptu Special

Victim spoilers follow.

Victim will air a special improvised episode later this month – which breaks with the traditional style of the house.

The scenes, which weren’t fully scripted, explore the pressures and struggles the paramedic team – Jan, Sah, Teddy and Iain – face every day as frontline healthcare workers.

Here’s a comprehensive collection of the seven biggest moments to watch:

1. Jan’s struggles continue


Jan returns from a short break invigorated but her good humor is tested when she is called to a regular, Robbie, who is drunk and reluctant to go to the emergency room.

Finally convincing Robbie to get into the ambulance, Jan and Teddy rush to their next cry: a woman suffering from anaphylactic shock caused by a nut allergy.

2. Teddy struggles with a crisis of confidence

injured teddy bear


Teddy finds herself under extreme pressure when her patient stops breathing in the back of the speeding ambulance.

Despite some hesitation, Teddy manages to put her fears aside to perform airway surgery. He saves the patient’s life, but then questions himself.

In the hospital, Teddy continues to be abused by the woman’s panicked husband, but Jan reminds him that he’s taken on an extremely difficult case and handled it well.

3. Sah and Jan are getting more and more frustrated

sah brockner, jan jenning, victim


Jan and Sah find themselves unable to respond to urgent calls as they are stuck in the ambulance queue outside the ER.

Sah is even more frustrated screaming to be redirected to a bigger emergency, where the same thing happens again.

Things come to a head when Jan and Sah are called in for a possible stroke, only to find the woman unharmed and just hoping the paramedics will make a food shop for her.

Furious that they rejected cardiac arrest for this, Sah and Jan rush in instead, but arrive too late. Despite their best efforts, the man dies and Jan is forced to absorb his wife’s grief.

4. Jan brings bad news

jan jenning, victim


On the third day, Jan receives statistics stating that Holby’s paramedics are performing poorly and are among the worst in the country.

She encourages the team to act faster and finds herself reuniting with Robbie, who has now cut his hand trying to gain access to the house he shared with his wife.

Jan is later alarmed to discover that Robbie’s wife actually died two days ago.

5. Iain supports Teddy

Iain Dean, Victim


Having suffered a crisis of confidence with his previous case, Teddy later tackles a dangerous situation alone, against Iain’s advice.

As things get worse, Teddy begins to regain her confidence with Iain’s support.

He calmly manages to talk to an anxious and armed Scott, who suffers from a mental health issue.

6. Jan has a public outburst

jan jenning, victim


Jan begins to lose her temper later that week when a patient complains of being stuck in the ambulance line with a minor leg injury.

Breathless, Jan gives an impassioned speech about the NHS’s lack of resources, unaware that the deadpan patient has a large online audience and films her.

7. Jan is involved in a crash accident

jan jenning, iain dean, victim


At the end of the week, Jan is again called to a drunk Robbie, who this time has collapsed and is coughing up blood.

Determined to get him to the emergency room quickly, Jan backs onto a road but hits a pedestrian.

Horrified, Jan struggles to concentrate as Sah takes control of the two patients, and is then forced to watch the staff fight to save them in the ER.

Dylan later informs Jan that the pedestrian is stabilized, but she takes no comfort from this as Robbie is deceased.

Shocked, devastated and exhausted, Jan returns home where her mask finally slips off as she collapses on Ffion.

Victim broadcast on Saturday evenings on BBC One, and stream on BBC iPlayer.

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