Baba Is You Gets a Mind-Blowing Free Solitaire Spin-Off

Baba Is You Gets a Mind-Blowing Free Solitaire Spin-Off

Baba Is You dev Hempuli has taken the puzzle transformation mechanics of this game and translated them into a form of Solitaire. Baptized Babataire EX – cool – the game bases its costumes on four of the endearing little creatures from Baba Is You. There’s good old Baba, of course, joined by Keke, Fofo and Jiji. Hempuli only seems to have started the project earlier this month, but you can already try it for free on If so, hopefully you’ll have better luck figuring out what exactly is going on.

Baba Is You is a cute yet mind-blowing puzzle game.

In addition to the standard bog suit cards, there are two other types of rules cards to play with. The first are verbal cards, but there is only one and that is Is. Then you have four quality cards: On any suit, Any suit, Opposite and +5 . Although the rules cards can be stacked according to their type, they can also be stacked in two types of three-word rules, such as Baba Is Keke to change color, or Baba Is Any Suit to play with where the cards can be stacked. Fortunately, Hempuli has added a comprehensive set of rules to guide you in your experimentation with Babataire EX.

Alright, I’ll admit. I’m not good at Solitaire. I know loads of people who are true grandmasters, but I certainly wouldn’t count myself among them or even on the same planet as them. I fall firmly into the grimy hordes of mine-sweeping homunculi dabbling on the small orbiting moon below, gazing longingly at the many intricate stacks swept away by hands unseen beyond my knowledge. So yeah, not great at Solitaire.

Even I can relate to Hempuli trying to do something a little different with the classic game, which is really, really cool. You can see how the map transformation works below:

John (RPS at Peace) rated Babataire’s inspiration as worthy of a Bestest Bests in his Baba Is You review in 2019. I do this one!” so quickly followed by “I AM A GENIUS!” he said. feel like the smartest.”

Babataire EX is free to play in your browser on Hempuli’s page here.

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