Best Diamond Necklaces to Cherish Forever

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Diamond necklaces are a timeless classic. They are a mainstay of handed down jewelry, self-bought jewelry, and every category in between. The best diamond necklaces are those that can add to one’s personal style. Although we can all dream of a mind-blowing whopper (like the famous Audrey Hepburn movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s necklace), the reality of such a large piece is twofold: too showy for everyday use and too expensive for the vast majority.

It is true that the general category of diamonds can be expensive. The most simplistic (read: wearable) diamond necklaces – tennis, solitaire or bar – can be reasonably…reasonable. All of the diamond necklace categories below are ones that work just as well with existing everyday necklaces as they can on their own. They shimmer with a statement and effortlessly take on the modernity of whoever wears them. Case and point, a diamond tennis necklace on Hailey Beiber can be just as fresh as on Jane Fonda.

Then there is the category of the unearthed diamond necklace. The lab, other gemstone masquerades or crystal. These options are often cheaper and easier to wear everywhere under the sun: ocean, shower, playground, office, travel, etc. The stigma is diminishing day by day. And, if the Biebers can embrace both, so can you. Ahead, the best diamond necklaces to buy now.

Tennis Necklaces

A strand of diamonds is truly the simplest and most impactful jewelry statement. Wear it alone or layer it over your daily pile.

Blue Nile Straight Eternity Necklace

Monica Vinader tennis necklace

Anita Ko rose gold and diamond necklace

Suzanne Kalan diamond necklace

Marissa Collections Kwai Sunburst Diamond Line Necklace

Wempe Minimalism Necklace

Solitaire necklaces

The most delicate sparkle that often does best on its own.

Jade Trau Penelope gold and diamond necklace

Sophie Bille Brahe Bellis diamond gold necklace

Dana Rebecca Designs Lulu Jack Single Bezel Diamond Necklace

Hearts on Fire Bezel Set Diamond Solitaire Pendant

Sophie Bille Brahe Bellis diamond gold necklace

Lab, gemstone or crystal necklaces

We try to stay neutral on the argument of lab grown diamond vs natural diamond, but we can’t fault them for the price which always gives the same look. White sapphires, topazes and crystals can deliver the same sparkle for far less money than the real deal.

True Synthetic Diamond Pendant Necklace

Blue Nile Solitaire Pendant

Grown Brilliance Fashion Necklace

Nak Armstrong Mosaic River Necklace

Dorsey Kate Silver River Necklace

Luxury Swarovski Tennis Necklace

Bar Collars

A little more bling without having to commit to a full diamond necklace.

Stone and Strand Let It Slide Diamond Necklace

1stDibs Diamond Bar Necklace

Sydney Evan Diamond Cocktail Bar Necklace

Repossi Serti Sur Vide pendant necklace in pink gold and diamonds

Jennifer Meyer Diamond Stick Necklace

David Yurman pavéflex station necklace

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