Beyond Good & Evil 2 still in development, says Ubisoft

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Screenshot: Ubisoft

After Ubisoft recently announcement they had swung the ax at the barbarian, it was assumed by many that all hope of the infinitely retarded Beyond Good and Evil 2 could now be put to rest. Seven games have been canned in the last six monthswith yet another delay the besieged skull bones, while other top titles fell short of expectations. But, Ubisoft insists, for some reason BG&E2 is still in the making.

Talk to EurogamerUbisoft told the site, “Beyond Good and Evil 2Development is ongoing and the team is working hard to deliver on its ambitious promise. Which is a very vague statement indeed.

BG&E2 was announced an extraordinary fifteen years ago, and all along was thought dropped, then re-announced, forgotten again, given an E3 video that looks nothing like anything to do with Beyond Good and Evildisappeared once more, and so on.

The creator Michel Ancel, also responsible for the creation Raymanpopped up occasionally to declare the game in a new phase of development, before eventually disappearing entirely in 2020 to spend more time with its wildlife sanctuary – coincidentally moments before it was revealed that he was being investigated for toxic behavior at his studio.


Many problems with the creation of the game were leveled at Ancel’s leadership style, according to a French media report, Release. However, despite leaving more than two years ago, there hasn’t been a glimmer of images nounder its new direction. Ddespite news that former Blizzard writer Sarah Arellano had joined the project in August last yearthere still seemed very little reason to believe it was happening.

But that’s not the case, says Ubisoft, which we reached out to ask for more details. Although the question we haven’t asked is: why? Why bother now? 2003 Beyond Good and Evil was a truly wonderful game, offering a sweet mix of third person platforming, wildlife photography and a truly charming story. But that was two decades ago, and all we have seen from the supposed sequel in the years that followed felt severely different tonallyand mysteriously obsessed with monkeys. The epic and expensive CGI trailers were nice to watch, but suggested nothing of the actual game, while the pre-alpha footage of the 2018 game looked dated and incomprehensibly bland.


It seems to me like this saddest of projects: a game that exists to exist, without visibly greater motivation to be. As a huge fan of the original game, I once dreamed of a sequel, but not anymore. And especially not considering all that has been shown of it – how ridiculous it is star field– like the excessive ambition of its F-bomb-filled CGI videos – I felt like it had nothing to do with the game I loved.

Still, it seems extremely unlikely that we’ll ever be troubled by its release.

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