Blood Origin Announces Fan Favorite Will Return With New Trailer

The Witcher: Origin of Blood spoilers follow.

the witcher prequel Origin of blood It’s fast approaching and Netflix has a last-minute announcement to make: the return of a fan-favorite from the parent series.

The streaming giant announced today (December 3) at CCXP (Comic-con Experience) in Brazil that Joey Batey will be reprising his role as Dandelion in the four-part series.

A new trailer teases his return at the end, as Minnie Driver’s Seanchaí asks him to help bring a story from many years ago to life through song, and he fears he’s not up to it. task height.

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The rest of the trailer and the show itself focus on this story. 1,200 years ago, the earth is besieged by a tyrannical ruler and a group of unlikely warriors unite in an attempt to stop him. They will have to put aside their differences, and in one case, their awkward history, to achieve this.

But things get complicated with the appearance of monoliths and the threat of worlds bleeding into each other. It sure sounds like a lot of hassle, but with Michelle Yeoh by your side, what could possibly go wrong?

It was recently announced that Henry Cavill will not return as Geralt after the upcoming season 3 of the witcherwhich was a huge shock to everyone.

Well, almost everyone. Batey admitted digital spy in an exclusive interview he knew in advance.

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“I knew it a little before everyone else, really,” he said. “But to be honest, the whole cast says, ‘We’re all going to miss him.’ He worked so hard, especially on Season 3.

“We just finished [filming] on season 3 a few months ago. And this man is the hardest working man in all of Hollywood.”

The Witcher: Origin of Blood will be released on December 25 on Netflix.

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