BoF concludes VOICES 2022 with a celebratory gala

OXFORDSHIRE, United Kingdom – This year at VOICES 2022, guests took a trip to 1960s New York, dining and dancing amid kaleidoscopic lights and a roughly tinfoil-covered venue – evoking the underground art scene that rocked the city and informed pop culture for decades to come.

The evening marked the close of the 2022 edition of BoF’s annual gathering for big thinkers, where leaders, founders, creators, activists and catalysts from around the world traveled to Soho Farmhouse in Oxfordshire to three days of thought-provoking discussions and agenda-setting discussions. .

“I’ve never experienced anything like this before,” said Korean-American model Irene Kim, “where people come together for a reason to talk about culture and really unite people through creativity and be simply self and individuality.”

On Thursday night, the room was buzzing with conversation as guests mingled over cocktails and champagne, taking advantage of their last night to connect and reflect on this year’s panels, where discussion topics ranged from sustainability and technology to the global culture and political landscape.

NBC News reporter Ayman Mohyeldin spoke about the epidemic of misinformation and the role the media should play in today’s fractured world; while former Blackrock executive Tariq Fancy told the audience why regulation is needed to stop greenwashing. Jordan Chairman Larry Miller shared a personal story of his journey from incarceration to the boardroom of the world’s largest sportswear company; and model and activist Dennis Nyero spoke about his story as a refugee.

Malala Yousafzai closed the discussions with her thoughts on continuing the fight for a better future, during a conversation with BoF founder Imran Amed.

“All of these things I’ve heard confirm to me that the most important thing in life is intention,” said VOICES speaker Sue Y Nabi, CEO of Coty. “The most important [thing] is not where you start, it is where you want to go. And the most important [thing] is not who you are; that’s what you’re ready to do.

“I may have come with the assumption that it would be very fashion-centric, and I think the highlight was that the conversions were so expansive,” said Ziad Ahmed, founder of marketing agency Gen Z. JUV Consulting. “So many parts of my mind were engaged through the talks that were shared here, and the diversity of perspectives from different disciplines represented here, I think, was a real treat.”

After drinks, attendees headed to the main party venue, dining by candlelight before partying to the beat of Lagoon Femshayma.

This year, VOICES guests came from 41 countries, Amed told the dinner crowd. “Having this kind of representation from around the world reminds me why VOICES is so special,” he said.

Irene Kim.
Imran Amed, Nikhil Mansata and Nigma Talib.
Frédéric Court, Stephanie Simon and Andrea Molteni.
Imran Amed and Aaron Christian.
Alok V Menon and Mory Fontanez.
Indre Rockefeller and Nigma Talib.
Jason Campbell.
Ekow Barnes.
David Koma.
Cora Delaney and Kai-Isaiah Jamal.
Phillip Lim.
Charles Jeffrey.
Nick Hopper and Jasmine Hemsley.
Lisa Morales-Hellebo, Liz Sands and Julee Wilson.
Omoyeme C Akhigbe.
Anita Balchandani and Achim Berg.
Tariq Fantasy.
Daniel Grieder and Michael Murray.
Christopher Wylie and Jaimie Wylie.

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