Box Art Brawl: Duel – Metal Gear Solid: Twin Serpents

Image: Nintendo Life

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Box Art Brawl!

In the last fight, we took a look at the SNES version of Prince of Persia, and well… it’s safe to say there was a pretty clear winner. Japan’s elongated design was absolutely stunning and really knocked it over, eventually winning 89% of the overall vote. North America comes second with 6%, and finally Europe with 5%.

This week, we’re going to take a look at an iconic GameCube remake. No, not Resident Evil. This is Silicon Knights’ take on Hideo Kojima’s masterpiece, Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes.

Released in 2004, The Twin Snakes was a faithful yet bold new take on Solid Snake’s mission in Shadow M…

*beep beep, beep beep!*

Liquid Snake: BRORRRRRR!!

Ollie: Oh no… No, cash. Snake is not here, I’m sorry.

Liquid Snake: Did you like my sunglasses?

Ollie: Yeaaaaaaaaaaaa…?

Liquid Snake: Thank you. Maybe you deserve the code name FOX after all.

Ollie: What.. ? The heck you on about, man..?

Liquid Snake: Have I already told you about the The Terrible Children project?

Ollie: Oh my God. No thanks! Goodbye Liquid!

Liquid Snake: Not yet! It’s not over yet!

Ollie: He is.


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