Callisto Protocol trophy list removes controversial trophy from all fatalities

Callisto Protocol trophy list removes controversial trophy from all fatalities

The Callisto Protocol the trophy list has been uploaded to the PSN servers and the short trophy list no longer includes the one to die any way possible. The controversial trophy appealed to some players for its imagination while others resented having to play the game in a way most would actively try to avoid.

The Callisto Protocol PS5 Trophy List

The trophy for dying any way possible was revealed in August as the team worked on their achievements and trophies. The reveal split gamers with some loving the idea of ​​seeing everything the game had to offer. Others explained that dying was something they would actively try to avoid.

The new list of 27 trophies no longer includes this task. Instead, the roster now focuses on killing enemies in numerous ways, upgrading weapons, story progression, and a single nod to Photo Mode. You can see the full list below, including the coveted Platinum Trophy, below:

The Callisto Protocol Platinum Trophy

  • It’s over, Jacob! – Collect all trophies

Callisto Protocol Gold Trophies

  • I belong here – Complete the game on any difficulty
  • You need a gun – Fully upgrade a weapon
  • Protocol is about life – Complete the game on Maximum Security difficulty
  • reaper – Collect and read all implant bios
  • The common – Discover the mystery of Kallipolis
  • Two heads are better than one – Knock down both heads
  • Within striking distance – Kill an enemy via GRP and a melee combo

Callisto Protocol Silver Trophies

  • have a grip – Catch twenty-five enemies with the GRP
  • Terminated – Shoot down a security robot
  • Paper jams – Print a weapon for the first time
  • Reforge – Print weapon upgrade
  • give back – Backstab five blind enemies
  • Float like a butterfly – Perfect dodge five times
  • Flesh injury – Use melee or ranged weapons to remove both arms from a living enemy
  • chew them – Kill ten enemies with environmental hazards
  • Danger in the workplace – Use GRP to kill an enemy by throwing them into an environmental hazard

Callisto Protocol Bronze Trophies

  • Mugshot – Take a picture using photo mode
  • The outer way – Find the Outer Way boarding boat
  • desperate times – Elias gives a knife to Jacob
  • If the SHU is suitable… – Activate the SHU
  • Without paddle – Survive pipe slip
  • Crash site – Return to the crashed ship
  • In the pipe, five by five – Reach the flight deck of the Hangar
  • Power on – Restore the power supply to the old installation
  • What lies below – Find the source
  • full circle – Being sent back to the cell of origin

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