Camper’s presents another bold range characteristic

From its debut with the brown wingtip Camaleon brogue, to the fluorescent runner of 1982 and later the sculpted Cornucopia heel, an unconventional and slightly eccentric design code has always been part of Camper’s DNA. Now, nearly 150 years later, the brand returns to some of its most iconic original designs in painstaking reimagining for its Better Fall/Winter 2022 collection.

Led by Creative Director Achilles Ion Gabriel, the new collection is modeled around his distinctive flair for bold color pairings. Like the conceptual Kobarah synthetic heel that became the go-to sandal last year, it’s the unique paint-dipped Junction lace-up that stands out in this year’s lineup. The unisex model exemplifies the imaginative ideas born from Gabriel’s CAMPERLAB experience that have become part of the footwear brand’s evolving new-age identity.

In the collection, Camper’s TWINS 1988 moccasin makes a three-way return. For the men’s Cut-outs offering, it’s redesigned in a thicker leather silhouette, while the women’s model is sleeker with a square toe. The latest iteration comes in the form of a patchwork Karst sneaker which is paired with ties and straps. In an ode to his original mismatched attribute, they’re splashed with alternating pastel blue, yellow and orange patches with an almost clown-like pattern in blue, red and green accents.

Surrounded by natural Mediterranean reserves, Camper’s headquarters and design base in Mallorca has also played a big role in highlighting the need for more sustainable and ethical shoemaking practices. In the playful range of FW22 shoes, a number of sustainable fibers made from hemp, coffee, wood pulp and sugar cane are woven together to create eco-friendly yet durable materials such as MIRUMĀ® d leather look.

Camper completes the eclectic collection with a set of heeled shoes, all molded to unorthodox dimensions. While the Thelma brogue and Milah boot take on tall platforms, the mid-length Dina gives the look of a stacked sock on a small heel. They are part of Camper’s overall mission to bring the unexpected to footwear and spark intrigue in the fashion industry.

Take a closer look at Camper’s Fall/Winter 2022 collection in the image gallery above. The latest offer is available for purchase online and in stores worldwide.

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