Celebs Go Dating expert advises keeping Christmas “small but meaningful” for a very important reason

Celebrities go meet Relationship expert Anna Williamson is urging her fans to “focus on what matters” this Christmas.

E4 viewers recently saw Anna offer advice to famous faces looking for love in season 11 of Celebrities go meetbut now she’s sharing some useful relationship tips during the holiday season.

Chat exclusively with digital spyWilliamson reflected on how challenging Christmas could be for many people this year and stressed the importance of keeping celebrations “simple”.

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“It’s really important, I think, this Christmas more than anything we’ve had in the past few years, to really focus on what matters,” the relationship expert explained. “This is the first Christmas, fingers crossed and knock on wood, that we’ve had in two or three years where there hasn’t been some sort of lockdown or restrictions imposed due to COVID.

“It seems to be the first Christmas where it’s back to normal – like it was before COVID. So I think with that a lot of people tend to go in there and splash around, but also there’s a lot of people today affected by the cost of living crisis.

“So I think this year, when it comes to your loved ones and your relationships, I think keep it simple. Keep it small but keep it meaningful.

“Maybe tap into your love languages. Tap into your partner’s love languages. How do they get love from you? And then find a way to serve that love language really well to Christmas.”

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Williamson went on to detail how small, thoughtful acts can often mean the most to the people around you.

“You don’t have to make a big, expensive move,” she remarked. “You might cook them a home-cooked meal or something. You know, really tap into what your partner needs.

“I think sometimes the smallest acts that money can’t buy can be the most meaningful.”

Anyone interested in Anna’s relationship advice can visit her online coaching platform, The place of the relationship.

Celebrities go meet season 11 is available for streaming on All4.

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