Coronation Street Spoilers – Fiz’s Great Christmas Story Begins

coronation street spoilers follow.

coronation street launches Fiz Stape and Tyrone Dobbs’ big Christmas storyline next week.

The couple have been tipped to take center stage over the holiday season with a romantic plotline focused on their future.

Next week’s episodes see Fiz’s troublesome daughter Hope return to school after being suspended for a chilling re-enactment of the Charlotte Hoyle murder.

Hope has behaved badly again since a true crime book was published about the serial killer crimes of her late father John.

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When Hope returns to resume her classes, Fiz and Tyrone are invited to see the school counselor for a routine meeting.

The counselor asks Fiz and Tyrone about their family background. The conversation has a major impact on Tyrone, who decides it’s time for him and Fiz to get engaged again.

Tyrone gets down on his knees and proposes at the cafe. He is delighted when Fiz agrees.

Later that week, Fiz confesses to Tyrone that she dreads the whole wedding planning.


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Fiz explains that she wishes she could jump straight into the day to avoid all the stress.

Tyrone forms a plan in response, telling Fiz’s brother, Chesney Brown, that he has secretly moved the wedding to Christmas Day as a surprise for Fiz.

This paves the way for one of CorriBig Christmas intrigue this year, but it won’t be easy for Tyrone’s plans.

On the day of the ceremony, Fiz worries that Christmas Day will be boring and goes shopping for last-minute supplies.

Tyrone regrets keeping Fiz in the dark when he comes down and realizes she is nowhere to be found.

With Fiz delayed after a car problem, will she make it back in time for her own wedding?

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