Curb Your Enthusiasm confirms fan-favorite character’s return for season 12

Calm your enthusiasm Star Richard Lewis has confirmed that he will be back in the upcoming twelfth season.

The comedian and actor has played a fictionalized version of himself on the long-running HBO series since its inception in 2000.

However, he sat out for the first time in recent season 11 amid health issues – although he did manage to make a brief appearance.

Lewis has now revealed he’s back to full-time work on the show, Tweeter a photo of him alongside co-star Larry David.

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“I’m back shooting Curb! I’m a lucky cat to be with my oldest friend who happens to be a genius,” he wrote. “Don’t tell him I called him that or he’ll laugh at me until my falls. A 22-year ride so far!”

Speaking at the start of last year, the star revealed he had “enduring two back and shoulder surgeries and [was not] not able to be” in Season 11 as a result.

However, he promised he would return, stating at the time: “For 20 years I’ve had the greatest comedy gig I could have imagined with my oldest and dearest friend LD. Honestly , I’m crushed not to be part of this season. Of course, I will shout with all the others Curb fans at the start of the new season. I hope to be there for season 12!”


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Curbwhich follows a fictionalized version of star David, was renewed for season 12 in August, with the lead star saying, “Playing the role of Larry David has been the greatest honor of my life.

“As I researched this multi-faceted, multi-talented man, I found he was more than I could have ever imagined: he speaks six languages, pickles his own pickles, and spearheads… ‘a national movement to install a bidet in every home.’

David added: “I have also been told by many sources that he is the most generous of lovers. I am so excited to transform myself into this force of nature again. I only pray that I can do him justice.”

Calm your enthusiasm airs on HBO in the US, and on Sky Comedy and NOW in the UK.

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