David Harbor reveals what he learned from the failure of Hellboy

stranger things star David Harbor revealed the lessons he learned from the failure of his Hellboy film.

port Hellboya reboot of the Guillermo del Toro films, which premiered in 2019, was a critical and commercial failure.

Speaking of the now infamous role with VarietyHarbor said he learned the important lesson of not interfering with an established franchise.

“Let’s see. I learned not to f**k with an established IP address (intellectual property), that’s for sure,” Harbor joked. “Beloved and established intellectual property. That’s the biggest lesson learned.”

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According to the actor, developing an already beloved, pre-existing character put the film in jeopardy before it was even made.

“Whatever the failures or the successes of this film, there are many, there was something about the film itself that it was almost impossible,” he said.

“While something like stranger things Where Violent night, it’s something original so people can judge it when it comes out, when they see it,” Harbor said of the original projects.

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“They don’t have so much stuff, and I feel like that’s what’s so difficult with the existing IP,” he added. “I mean it’s hard to star warsit’s hard on those things that are loved.”

Resemblance stranger things to the beloved film franchise Indiana Jones, Harbor concluded, “You know, and what’s great about stranger things that’s what we manage to do IndianaJones but we just don’t call him Indiana Jones.

“We call it stranger things and we call him Hopper, or whatever, but he has his moments and people don’t get mad at you for calling him IndianaJonesthey look at it and enjoy it.”

Harbor is currently starring as a grizzled Santa Claus in a new movie. violent night which is currently in theaters.

stranger things Seasons 1-4 are now streaming worldwide on Netflix.

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