Do you remember the PS3 hacker Geohot?  Elon Musk just hired him to help fix Twitter

Do you remember the PS3 hacker Geohot? Elon Musk just hired him to help fix Twitter

Notorious hacker George “Geohot” Hotz has been hired by Elon Musk to work on Twitter – mainly to fix the ailing social network’s search functionality.

Hotz rose to internet fame in 2008 for being the first to jailbreak the iPhone. A year later, he followed that feat by hacking the PlayStation 3 – and memorably recalled Sony’s subsequent attempts to sue him. Both sides eventually settled the issues out of court.

Now, Hotz has agreed to join Musk on Twitter on a temporary work contract (which sounds like a good idea).

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If you’re wondering what Hotz has been up to for the past decade, the hacker-turned-CEO has been busy.

More recently, Hotz was the boss of Comma AI, a driver assistance technology company that acted as a rival to Musk’s own Tesla Autopilot. Hotza left the company last month, saying she had changed and was better suited to be “a cheerleader and court jester”.

The role put Hotz on Musk’s radar — indeed, Musk reportedly once offered Hotz a multi-million dollar contract to work for Tesla — which Hotz declined, with the two men ending up bickering.

A series of tweets over the past month show the pair have seemingly reconciled (thanks, iClarified), with Hotz offering his services as a Twitter intern for 12 weeks.

Thousands of employees have been fired by Twitter over the past month, with many more quitting after Musk told staff they should work longer and be more “hardcore”.

Hotz officially joined Twitter over the weekend and has since detailed what he’s been working on.

Responding to a user who said there was “no way [Hotz] comes in and fixes Twitter’s unusable search in a month when thousands of people couldn’t in years,” Hotz wrote:

“It’s what Elon told me my job was, and I’ll do my best to do it. I’m 12 weeks old. I’m also trying to get rid of this non-revocable login window after doing scroll down a bit of those things that ruin the internet.”

Hotz takes on Sony via rap.

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