EastEnders’ Nish Panesar gets suspicious of Suki and Eve

EastEnders’ Nish Panesar gets suspicious of Suki and Eve

Nish Panesar, Eastenders

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EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders‘ Nish Panesar will be suspicious of Suki and Eve’s relationship next week, after witnessing their strained behavior towards each other.

Nish’s suspicions of his wife’s connection to Eve will intensify in future episodes as Nish and Suki return to Walford and Eve fit into their relationship.

Following the heartbreaking decision to break up with Eve, Suki chose to reconcile with her abusive husband Nish, but upon their return to Walford, Nish begins to notice tension between Eve and Suki.

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In last night’s episode (November 21), Eve and Suki were reunited after weeks apart, and Suki told Eve that they couldn’t even be friends because she was “trying on” with Nish.

In the next episodes, Eve decides to infiltrate Nish and Suki’s relationship and Stacey questions Eve’s motives. Managing to get a lunch date with Nish and Suki, Eve lets an unhappy Suki know that she’s not going anywhere.

At lunch, Eve offers legal advice to impress rival Nish. But, when Suki is called by Ravi, Eve’s dangerous decision to accompany the couple to lunch leaves Nish wondering why his wife is so upset with her.

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In Walford East, as Ravi raises the matter of Ranveer’s funeral, an unstable and tense Suki lashes out at him and storms out.

As a suspicious and controlling Nish notices Suki’s odd behavior, he tries to trick her into telling her that he’s booked a business trip where the two can get away for a while.

Suki quickly declines Nish’s travel offer, which only aggravates her suspicions of him. But will he find out the truth?

EastEnders airs Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show is also streaming on BBC iPlayer.

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