EastEnders Shock twist spoilers revealed in Harvey’s story

EastEnders Shock twist spoilers revealed in Harvey’s story

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders will reveal a shocking twist in the Harvey Monroe story next week.

Harvey has recently caused concern among his friends, due to his sudden infatuation with online love interest Sophia.

Harvey was initially encouraged to return to the dating scene, after his breakup with Jean Slater, and began chatting online with the elusive Sophia.

As Harvey grows increasingly attached to Sophia, his concerned friends vow to find out if she really is who she claims to be.

While Rocky is desperate in his mission, Bobby agrees to search Sophia and discovers that Harvey sent him money.

Freddie has a plan to help and manages to get hold of Harvey’s phone, capturing as much information as possible.

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Freddie and Bobby later share their plan with Mitch and Rocky, but they are thrown off when Freddie makes another interesting discovery.

Afterwards, Rocky debates whether or not to tell Harvey what they found.

When Dotty bursts in and learns what happened, Rocky realizes they need to be honest with Harvey no matter how difficult the conversation.

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When Harvey sends more money to Sophia, Rocky, Mitch, Bobby and Freddie stage an intervention to tell him everything. But how will he react?

Ross Boatman – who plays Harvey – recently backed a reunion between his alter ego and ex-partner Jean.

Talk to digital spy at the 2022 Inside Soap Awards last month, Boatman was asked if he’d like the couple to get back together.

“We would like that,” he said. “I love working with Gillian [Wright]. She tells me that she also loves working with me!”

“I hope [they reunite] – we really don’t know. We’re kind of kept in the dark about this stuff, for obvious reasons.”

EastEnders is currently airing Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC Two. The show also airs early episodes at 6am on BBC iPlayer.

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