EastEnders spoilers – Janine tells shocking lie in baby story

EastEnders spoilers – Janine tells shocking lie in baby story

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders‘ Sonia Fowler will make a mystery call next week, after Janine told another shocking lie.

Janine’s insecurities over Mick’s connection to ex-wife Linda will intensify in future episodes, leading her to take shocking action.

Although Mick is quick to rush to Janine’s side after her tragic accident in last night’s (November 22) episode, he is unable to completely calm her growing fears about Linda.

As Linda worries about the consequences of missing her probation appointment for helping Janine, Sharon begs Mick to step in and tell Murray where she was.

He accepts, but Janine is upset to learn that Mick has been with Linda again and later breaks some upsetting news to her.

When Mick relays this to Sonia, she immediately realizes that Janine is lying.

anine boucher, eastenders


mick carter, janine boucher, eastenders


After confronting her, Sonia goes to tell Mick but Janine manages to stop her. This arouses Shirley’s suspicions, who also wonders what Janine is up to so far.

As Janine feels the pressure, she assures Sonia that she will eventually tell Mick the truth, unaware that he is actually listening.

sonia fowler, janine butcher, eastenders


Janine panics as Mick later wonders what she is hiding from him.

However, it quickly becomes clear that Shirley poses the greatest threat to Janine’s secret, as she sees through his schemes.

Alone, Shirley calls out Janine for her lies, leaving her panicked.

sonia fowler, mick carter, eastenders


As Janine’s mood darkens even more, a worried Sonia makes a mysterious call.

Janine’s paranoia about Mick and Linda continues to fester after this, and when Sonia catches her spying on them, she assures her it’s all in her head.

As Linda prepares for a date at Walford East, things take another turn when Mick and Janine show up, and Janine grows suspicious that Mick knew Linda was here.

janine boucher, mick carter, linda carter, eastenders


She fumes to Sonia about the situation, but Sonia continues to promise Janine that Mick loves her and that his relationship with Linda is over.

As everyone prepares for the Christmas Lights Party at the Vic, Janine remains determined to fit into Mick’s life, but receives a devastating blow. What is that? And who did Sonia call?

Viewers know that Janine’s brother, Ricky, has to return for the next chapter in his story. Sid Owen reprized his role for a brief stint.

EastEnders is currently airing Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC Two. The show also airs early episodes at 6am on BBC iPlayer.

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