Eddie Hearn criticizes Munguia and Jermall Charlo

By Robert Segal: Promoter Eddie Hearn tore Jaime Munguia and Jermall Charlo last Saturday night for the way the two have conducted their careers.

First, Hearn doesn’t like the inactivity undefeated WBC middleweight champion Charlo (32-0, 22 KOs) has had since last year.

Jermall, 32, has been out of the ring for 17 months and recently revealed he will fight in February.

That means Charlo will have been out of the ring for 20 months by the time he sees action again, which Hearn says makes it difficult for him to build a large fan base.

Recently, Jermall called out WBA light heavyweight champion Dmitry Bivol, asking the undefeated fighter to face him next. However, Hearn laughed at the time, saying it wouldn’t happen due to Charlo’s inactivity.

It’s unclear why Jermall didn’t fight, and it’s equally odd that the World Boxing Council allowed him to without stripping him of his WBC 160-pound title and at least giving him the Emeritus tag.

When [Jermall] Charlo’s last fight? That was a year and three months ago. I don’t understand. Boxing is so messed up with fighters making too much money that doesn’t represent their business value,” Eddie Hearn told Fighthype, criticizing inactive WBC middleweight champion Jermall Charlo.

“These guys would rather not fight. It tells you how much they love the sport and care about their heritage, where they really are right happy driving a Lamborghini and not really going to the gym.”

Some fans think Jermall lived it with the millions he made inside the ring going too far, enjoy fruit of his job, and forget about his career in the process.

While it’s true that Charlo was interested in enjoying the money he made and not continuing to work on his craft, he’s going to be in trouble when he returns to action.

As it stands, Jermall was nearly beaten by a very average competitor Juan Macias Montiel in his last fight. The fact that Charlo is struggling to beat Montiel suggests he won’t hold onto his WBC 160-pound title much longer before he gets beaten.

“That’s why I have so much respect for Canelo because he actively wants to fight,” Hearn said. “He could just have a year off if he wanted and go on vacation, but he wants to get back to the gym and wants to fight. That’s what they should be doing, but a lot of them are so inactive.

“No,” Hearn replied when asked if he takes Jaime Munguia seriously. “Jaime Munguia; by the way, I like Jaime Munguia, and I like Fernando Beltran and those guys. His [Munguia] the resume is awful.

“The fights he’s had recently, I don’t want to go too hard because I like the guy and I like the team, but he had the opportunity to come up and fight Demetrius Andrade when he [Munguia] moved up to middleweight. He said no,’ [for a fight against Demetrius].

“Then he [Munguia] went and didn’t fight anyone about eight times. So he had the opportunity to fight Janibek [for the vacant WBO middleweight] world title, and he said, ‘No.’

“Like, I don’t know what they [Golden Boy Promotions] do with Jaime Munguia. I think he’s a good fighter. I think he looks great, I think he might be a superstar, but that’s just the worst matchmaking of Golden Boy that I have never seen.

“The Last Guy [that Munguia fought, Gonzalo Gaston Coria], it was amazing. It was bad before that. I don’t know what he’s doing,” Hearn said.

“I just don’t see [Jermall] Charlo as a draw,” Hearn said when asked if he would like to see IBF/WBA middleweight champion Gennadiy Golovkin fight WBC champion Charlo next. “I don’t see how you can build a profile of a fighter when he’s been inactive for 15 or 16 months,” Hearn said of Jermall, who hasn’t fought in 17 months.

It’s a waste of time for Golovkin or Canelo Alvarez to fight Jermall Charlo because he’s been too inactive in his career and his resume is littered with weak opposition.

“More than that because he’s not going to fight this year“Hearn said of Jermall. “He’s not going to fight in January. He’s not even at the gym.

It would be nice if the WBC stripped Jermall and let other contenders have a chance to fight for that belt. Can you imagine if there was a Super Bowl winner in the NFL who decided to take a full 16-game season and immediately go to another championship game without even playing?

If the WBC strips Charlo of his 160-pound belt, #2 contender Carlos Adames could challenge for the belt against one of these contenders:

1. Jaime Munguia
2. Chris Eubank Jr.
3. Ryota Murata
4. Sergiy Derevyanchenko

Munguia is unlikely to agree to fight Adames for the WBC belt, but even if he doesn’t, there are suitors who would jump at the chance to compete for that title.

“Gennadiy Golovkin against Munguia, it’s a fight that could be much more interesting, much bigger,” Hearn said. “Listen, if I’m Jaime Munguia, I’m trying to fight Canelo Alvarez. For me it’s a massive fight, but at the same time you have to beat the opposition to put yourself in the hat for this fight” , Hearn said.

Munguia made it known that he wanted the fight against Golovkin, but I don’t deserve it. Munguia’s low CV at 160 and 154 isn’t worth it for Golovkin to fight him.

To fight IBF/WBA middleweight champion Golovkinn for his titles, Munguia would have to prove himself worthy by defeating these fighters:

  • Janibek Alimkhanuly
  • Chris Eubank Jr.
  • Denzel Bentley
  • Eislandy Lara
  • Felix Cash

Munguia should have the challenge of beating these five fighters before facing Golovkin, as he has had it too easy in his nine-year professional career. Munguia, 26, took the backdoor route to a big fight against Golovkin or Canelo and doesn’t deserve any of those fights.

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