Ex-Retro Studios Developer Reveals ‘Rejected’ Metroid Wii Pitch Tactics

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It looks like the Metroid Prime series wasn’t the only Metroid series Retro Studios were working on. Did You Know Gaming was able to discover one of the developers other projects that never saw the light of day.

Metroid Tactics was a concept started internally by Paul Tozer – a member of the Metroid Prime team. This mysterious project was intended for the Wii, with a pitch written “late” 2007 after the third Prime game was completed. It would have been a “prequel to the series” – with events taking place “long before any other games in the Metroid series”.

“It marks the very moment when Samus Aran first separates from the Chozo who raised her from childhood, encounters humanity and becomes a bounty hunter. The game also marks humanity’s first-ever encounter with the Space Pirates and the Metroids.

“Samus must cooperate with an elite team of highly trained Galactic Federation soldiers and colorful bounty hunters to stop the incursion on several Galactic Federation planets, at various locations on planets such as Norion and Earth and finally confront the Space Pirates at their outpost on planet Zebes.”

Tozer describes how the game would have been similar to the XCOM turn-based tactics series:

“It’s basically XCOM, it was XCOM in the Metroid universe except instead of fighting aliens, you fight space pirates – who are also aliens but different”

Metroid Tactics
Image: via Did you know?

Samus would have been the game’s main character, but she was apparently just one of many soldiers the player would have commanded. Players would have controlled one Commander, in particular, known as Justin Bailey (a throwback to the famous access code from the original Metroid game on the NES). Tozer adds:

“The player takes on the role of a galactic federation commander…he even has a name for him, I won’t repeat it. A pretty stupid name”

The project was going to use the Wii’s unique controls, and for Retro it would be a “relatively cheap” project, as it could have reused much of the engine, art assets, and animation from the Prime series.

So what was the conclusion of Metroid Tactics? This project was only worked on by Paul Tozer and it was rejected by the “superiors” at Retro, so Nintendo never ended up seeing the pitch. Did You Know Gaming’s latest video goes into more detail. You can check it on YouTube.

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