Explosive Report Says Elon Musk’s Neuralink Is Under Federal Investigation For Animal Welfare Violations

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Federal authorities are investigating Elon Musk’s Neuralink for possible animal welfare violations. According to Reuters, staff members have complained that the company is rushing animal testing procedures, causing the suffering and death of the animals involved.

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Elon Musk co-founded Neuralink Corporation, a neurotechnology company, in 2016. His goal is to develop a brain-machine interface (BMI) that will connect the human brain to computers. Musk believes this technology will help people with neurological conditions — such as paralysis or severe motor impairments — regain control of their bodies and improve their quality of life. The Neuralink implant is a chip that is surgically implanted in the brain. There it records the activity of individual neurons, transmitting this information to a computer. According to a recent presentation from Musk, the company is testing its technology on animals and plans to conduct human clinical trials within the next six months.

Reuters reports that the US Department of Agriculture’s inspector general has opened a federal investigation into Neuralink Corporation. A federal prosecutor reportedly called for an investigation focused on potential violations of the Animal Welfare Act, a law governing the research, testing and treatment of animals. The exact nature of the alleged violations and the current status of the investigation are still being determined, as the Inspector General’s office has not yet released any additional information.

The investigation coincides with employee dissent over the company’s animal testing practices. Reuters says it has reviewed Neuralink documents and interviewed more than 20 current and former employees, and many have complained that Elon Musk is pressuring them to speed up development, leading to an increase in test failures and animal deaths . The allegations, however, have not been independently confirmed.

According to Reuters, current and former employees of Neuralink have reported that the number of animal deaths at the company is higher than necessary due to pressure from Musk to speed up research. Additionally, Reuters identified experiments involving 86 pigs and two monkeys as tainted with human error, undermining their research value and forcing them to be repeated. Those who spoke to the press service alleged that the errors were due to a lack of preparation and staff working under high pressure conditions.

Reuters’ review of Neuralink’s records found multiple references to exploratory surgeries over several years, contradicting the company’s insistence on avoiding such tests.

Additionally, company discussions showed employees expressing concerns about Animal Care Manager Autumn Sorrells requesting changes to study descriptions in a way they believe would be misleading, an employee noting that the request was designed to provide “better optics” for Neuralink. .

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