Fans played Magic: The Gathering on the Floor of a Machine Girl Concert

Disclaimer: The video embedded in this article contains flashing images.

If you do something weird in public, I’ll see it and demand an explanation. It was true when people started recording concerts with a 3DSwhen people started wear costumes to see the Minionsand it’s true now that two people decided to play Magic: The Gathering on the floor of a Machine Girl concert.

The video, which is circulating on TikTok and Twitter, shows an American electronic music duo machine girl on stage while two Surveyors wage an epic battle in Wizards of the Coast’s iconic card game.

“I met the guy I was playing against in the merchandising line before the show and he was showing off some cool custom MTG cards he brought Matt [Stephenson of Machine Girl]”, one of the contestants, Jared, told IGN.

“He told me he kind of planned to play a game in the pit. He brought some decks but he was looking for someone to play against. I love the game and thought it was a hilarious idea.”

The instigator, going through Big Money Cybergrind [BMC]explained that they came up with the idea a month and a half ago but no one on Machine Girl’s Discord wanted to play the game. found someone to play.

But what decks were they playing? “From the standard format of 2005, Zoo and Ghost Dad. [We] had about five games and the Zoo deck was knocked down,” laughed BMC. When asked if these decks had any specific meaning, they replied BMC: “I have a huge thing for nostalgia.”

It wasn’t just the pair of players that were in there either. “Everyone around us was thrilled with it and when we were done people helped pick up the cards,” BMC said.

The immediate reaction from Twitter was mostly positive, with people either planning to do it themselves or wishing Yu-Gi-Oh had been played instead. There are only a handful of comments trailing the proven pejorative “I know it smells crazy in there“, but since it was a high-energy hardcore electronic show – it was going to feel crazy with or without the Magic players.

You might be wondering what this is for, and we answered a similar question concisely in a previous article: it’s just really funny. But where filming a concert with a 3DS was a commentary on people needing to document an event to enjoy it, perhaps the gag here is that if the traditionally violent image of a mosh pit this time saw a equally devastating fight between two rival wizards, so what else can you do there?

IGN also reached out to Machine Girl management for comment, which succinctly confirmed that the duo were, in fact, Magic: The Gathering enthusiasts.

Machine Girl also produced the soundtrack for one of this year’s most popular games, neon white. In our 8/10 review, IGN said, “Part visual novel, part lightning-fast FPS platformer, Neon White’s angsty assassins are unbearable, but its tight level design and fantastic sense of momentum ensure that its gameplay is something to celebrate.”

Image credit: Wizards of the Coast / Fajareka Setiawan

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