Fire Emblem Engage introduces two new characters

Fire Emblem Engage introduces two new characters

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We are at the end of 2022, which means we are getting closer to the release of the new Fire Emblem title. Yes, in case you missed it, Fire Emblem Engage is coming to the Nintendo Switch early next year in January.

It features a whole new story and as part of it, there are both new and returning characters. Nintendo highlighted three more characters in its latest update. This includes the Crown Prince of Brodia Diamond and his younger brother Alcryst.

Here’s an overview of both, along with translations by Forest of the Serenissimes:

“Diamond (VA: Junichi Suwabe) is the Crown Prince of Brodia and the older brother of Alcryst. He was educated to become the next king and earned the trust of his citizens. Diamond is a strong and honest man with a personality serious. Has deep respect for his father, the king.”

“Diamond’s starting class is Lord. A bearer of royal blood who guides the people, brandishing his swords with brilliance. relationship with the Kingdom of Firene.”

And then we have his younger brother and second prince, Alcryst:

“Alcryst is the second prince of Brodia; the younger brother of Diamant. Pessimistic and has low self-esteem, often devaluing himself by comparing himself to his incredible older brother. On the other hand, he is sociable with the required spine of royalty.

“Alcryst’s starting class is Lord, just like his brother Diamond. A bow that is good at striking from a distance. Alcryst trains with his brother Diamond. Alcryst acts negatively, calling himself the non-Diamond Prince of Brodia.”

You can check out our Nintendo Life guide to see who else will be in the cast of Fire Emblem Engage:

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