Fortnite: all boosts and how they work

Fortnite is certainly known for adding some cool new mechanics to shake up the game, but Chapter 4 brought perhaps the biggest change to the popular battle royale experience in years. This time around, we haven’t just received an exciting new map and new weapons – Epic have introduced groundbreaking Reality Augments that work as perks for your character. This new system can completely change how a match plays out, so you’ll want to know all about what boosts to get and how they work. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered here.

List of Fortnite Boosts

Throughout each match, you’ll be given a choice of two random boosts that can give you an edge over your competition. The longer you survive, the more Boosts you will receive. These will last until the end of the match, but they will not carry over to the next match. If you don’t like the random raise, you can reroll for a chance to get one you want, but be aware that you only get one free reroll. If you want to keep rerolling, you will have to spend 100 gold bars each time.