Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 Boss Fight: How to Beat Geno, the Ageless Champion

Fortnite Chapter 4 brought a ton of major changes to one of the biggest games around, but some things stayed the same. For example, this season introduces an all-new boss enemy, dubbed The Ageless Champion, who has an awesome mythic weapon that you can loot from him after taking him down.

But there’s even better news: this guy is easier to deal with than last season’s boss was. While people generally seemed to leave the Herald alone last season, you can expect this new type weapon to be released much more frequently than the Herald Burst Rifle.

Who is The Ageless Champion, and where can I find him?

The Ageless, who doubles as an in-game boss and final skin in the Chapter 4 Season 1 battle pass, is a snapshot of Geno, the founder of IO. We don’t really know what his story-wise deal is at this time, but he rules a kingdom from the ailing medieval castle known as The Citadel, which sits in the northwest part of the new battle royale island.

If you haven’t unlocked it yet, it’s here

This is where you can find The Ageless.

How to beat The Ageless Champion?

The Ageless has 750 shields and 750 health, and is armed with two weapons new to Fortnite: a Shockwave Hammer and a legendary pistol, the Ageless Champion’s Ex-Caliber Rifle. The Ex-Caliber is a new type of sniper rifle introduced in Chapter 4 Season 1 that functions similarly to the Boom Sniper, firing a blade that sticks to your target and explodes after a brief moment . And this version of the gun is the best version.

When you’re in close range, The Ageless will come at you with the hammer, which deals 60 damage and knocks you back very hard. When you’re out of range, he’ll fire his Ex-Caliber instead.

Unlike the Herald fight last season, which involved immune phases and mob enemies, we went back to normal combat without any of that extra Destiny Strike Boss stuff they did with The Herald. He doesn’t seem to be doing anything too wild – he just fights with his weapons like a normal villain.

And that means it’s pretty easy to get rid of. A solo player might struggle a bit, but any suitably armed pair of players should be able to bombard him. And a team? Forget that. You will cut it to size as if it were made of hot butter.

What do I get for beating The Ageless Champion?

Along with a standard handful of random loot, you get two guaranteed drops when you beat The Ageless. You get his hammer, which is standard purple quality like all Shockwave hammers. And you get his mythical Ex-Caliber rifle, which is a plus if you’re comfortable with the new type of gun.

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