Fortnite Chapter 4 starts today, featuring Geralt, Hulk and Doomslayer

Fortnite will be reborn on Sunday, December 4, when the game returns with its new Chapter 4 map.

The next era of Fortnite will welcome characters such as The Witcher’s Geralt, Doomslayer, and The Hulk, as well as new gameplay mechanics such as the addition of motorcycles to Epic’s hugely popular battle royale.

Last night, Fortnite dropped its third map with shocking speed, as the game’s ever-changing island was quickly consumed by the Chrome invader in a brief cutscene. Then followed an extended 30-minute event mode where players were tasked with reforging the island anew, using a mix of familiar and new locations that look set to appear in Chapter 4.

Our first look at Fortnite Chapter 4.

The end of the event featured another cutscene – the one embedded here just above – where the heroic Paradigm (voiced by Brie Larson) succeeds in her mission to merge the new island from the shards players have gathered, like the macguffin Zero Point lassos from the game. landscape pieces together.

The second half of this trailer also features plenty of item and character cameos apparently also on their way to Chapter 4, including The Witcher’s Geralt, Marvel’s Hulk, popular YouTuber Mr. Beast, Bethesda’s Doomslayer, and a pickaxe whose fans say it is themed around All Might from My Hero Academia.

The artwork at the end of the trailer features a few additional characters, one of which will be of particular interest to longtime Fortnite fans. If you’ve read the Fortnite/Marvel Zero War comics, you might recognize the long, dark-haired character as the long-promised Geno – the man behind Fortnite’s now-defeated, villainous Imagined Order.

Fortnite’s Fracture live event in full.

Tonight’s live event began with a sleek – albeit short – cutscene that showed a number of Fortnite characters making their final stand against Chrome from a fort built into the branches of the Reality Tree. As Chrome closed in, led by The Herald, the heroes of Fortnite opened fire – but that only led to the return of the oversized Herald. With the overrun of the island, the Herald also appeared to be consumed by the Chromium, causing the entire island to become unstable and disintegrate. (Honestly, why this happened has been disappointingly unclear.)

The next 30 minutes – a long time for a Fortnite event – marked its playable portion, which took place on a set of small Mario Galaxy-like island chunks that grew in number over time as players were picking up Zero Point energy orbs. There was fun to be had here, and plenty of Easter eggs for Fortnite fans, including flashback videos to iconic live events past. Epic’s technical prowess was also on display, as the playable space grew in real time as more pieces of the map were rolled up and bolted together.

But this section also suffered from having too much to do, and the way much of it was laid out in a checklist-like summary of things to find. Having those mini-quests layered on top of platforming and collecting orbs felt like a more convoluted version of Fortnite’s brilliant UFO mothership gameplay loop, where your objectives were much simpler and you raced against the show. As much as I enjoyed seeing the area expand over time – as well as its focus on puzzles rather than shooting – it’s fair to say that it lacked the visual scale and pacing of some other events in direct.

Fortnite currently relies on this downtime screen, where various familiar objects are floating around.

All in all, this was a different type of Fortnite live event, and one to which I saw much more mixed reactions than normal – as well as many reports from people disconnected. It wasn’t what I expected – a true send off of Chapter 3 – and it wasn’t at all what was suggested in the event artwork, which suggested we’d be seeing the previous map of the game slowly torn.

Still, seeing Fortnite’s third map suddenly disappear was a nice narrative twist, and I appreciate Epic’s intention to create an experience that lasted longer than normal and was properly focused on creating rather than playing. fight. There was a lot to see here, but too much for a single player. I almost wish this experience was more of a better-structured mini-game mode, made available to replay.

As it stands, I’m curious to see how many created landscape players will translate to the new map, and can’t wait for Fortnite to offer answers to some of its biggest questions. What does Geno do? Where are the Seven now? Is Polar Peak really coming back?

For now, there’s really only one question: what time will Fortnite Chapter 4 start? We don’t know, but its launch trailer is set to go live at 8am UK time. It’s here:

Fortnite Chapter 4 launch trailer.

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