Fortnite Characters in Chapter 4 Season 1: All 15 NPC Locations

Fortnite Chapter 4 is here, and in Season 1 you’ll want to meet all 15 characters, often referred to as NPCs, to take advantage of their sold items, services, and other special features. Heck, even the unique story dialogue is pretty cool. We’re actively researching all 15 Fortnite NPCs in Chapter 4 Season 1, and since we’re going through the list fairly quickly, we’re posting this guide now and updating it frequently. Here are all the NPCs we’ve found so far, with the promise of mapping them all very soon.

Fortnite NPC Locations in Chapter 4 Season 1

There are currently 15 Fortnite characters to find on the new island in Chapter 4. These include brand new characters, like Helsie the Vampire Hunter, as well as returning heroes like the Green Thumb Sunflower. Below we’ve mapped out all the NPCs we’ve found so far, and you might want to refresh this page often, as we’ll be updating it with every new character we come across until they’re ready. are all located.