Gavin and Stacey stars’ talks show future after Christmas special

Gavin and Stacey Star Joanna Page discussed the show’s future following the latest Christmas special.

The 2019 festive special ended on a cliffhanger as Nessa (Ruth Jones) proposed to Smithy (James Corden), with the show becoming the most-watched non-sporting event in over a decade.

Page, who has played Stacey since the sitcom premiered in 2007, appeared on loose women Wednesday, updating fans of the show with some news.

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“I’m like everyone else, because they don’t tell us!” she says. “They never told us they were doing anything, so it’s only when you get a phone call and they say, ‘There’s a special, do you want to do it?’

“I’m just not that kind of person. I always thought ‘we’ll wait and see and if there is, there is and if there isn’t, there isn’t,'” she continued. .

Although she said she would “love” to reprise her role, Page added, “Over time, I started to think, ‘Well, maybe it’s been too long? there will be no other.

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“It makes me sad, because I would like to do another one. If they do, I hope they hurry because we are all getting older,” she concluded.

The 2019 special was the series’ first new content since the conclusion of the third series in 2010, leading many fans to wonder if more episodes were in the works.

Earlier this year, co-creator and co-writer Corden dampened viewers’ hopes by revealing the decision wasn’t “solely” his, but offered encouragement following his departure from The late show.

“I wish I could say it’s up to me,” he said. “The best thing about Gavin and Stacey it’s Ruth and me; if I’m completely honest, his judgment is exceptional. I’m going to have a bit more free time starting next year and that will open up time for us to just be together.

Gavin and Stacey Series 1-3 are now available on BBC iPlayer.

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