Genshin Impact: two more characters in update 3.3 – News

Sumeru’s main story is over, but the army of writers who seem to be working day and night on the online action-RPG always have more stories to tell. And as usual, it is the characters who are in the spotlight, especially since it is on them that the main part of the economic model is based. gacha of the game. With a few exceptions, remember that obtaining a new character is never guaranteed and that you have to rely on luck in the wish lottery, a mechanism that involves spending a resource whose limits do not depend than the player’s wallet.

Next on the list, Scaramuccia (now called the Nomad) is a 5-star catalyst-wielding character who will also be the focus of Archons’ new quest. By his side, Faruzan will join the family of Anemo archers as a 4-star character. With these two reinforcements, HoYovers is now created more than 60 playable characters. Other characters featured in banners in 3.3 (which increases the chances of getting them for a while) will be Arataki Itto, Shogun Raiden, and Kamisato Ayato. We should add that two new languages, Italian and Turkish, will be supported in the settings starting December 7.

Apart from the traditional characters and events and other challenges, the main novelty of the update comes in the form of a collectible card game. Named the Summon of the Seven, it builds on Genshin Impact’s elemental communication system by adding strategic elements.

To win a game of Summoning the Seven, you must remove all of your opponent’s character cards using your own character cards’ normal attacks, skills, and elemental bursts. Therefore, changing character cards wisely can activate elemental reactions and apply bonus effects through different action cards essential to developing a strategy leading you to victory. However, using actions will cost you a certain number of unelementaries of the corresponding element. The roll of the dice at the start of each round is therefore an important variable during a game. As you defeat NPCs, you can get more maps and dynamic artwork in the shop“, explains the press release.

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