Give the gift of disappointment or DIY with Powkiddy consoles

Growing up in a family that celebrated, there was little that could compare to the tangible excitement of Christmas morning. The hype built up over months of watching stores roll out decorations, combined with an endless avalanche of themed TV shows, was overwhelming. All the while, gifts were slowly piling up under the tree, allowing you to examine potential boxes, drop not-so-subtle clues, and be completely caught up in anticipation of amazing gifts. (opens in a new tab)

Trying to sleep on Christmas Eve was a challenge on par with descending the steepest hill in town, so as soon as a theoretical argument could be formed that it was technically morning, you were up and ready. Cloudy-eyed parents were dragged from their rooms with bathrobes and weak teacups to watch these expertly wrapped gifts torn apart by dirty, ungrateful and motor-impaired little hands.

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