Hack your SaaS growth with these 3 easy strategies

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Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t need to build an audience before launching your SaaS business. SaaS affiliate programs provide access to other people’s audience. You’ll get to tons of early adopters in weeks, which would otherwise take years. Of course, this comes at a cost which this article aims to help you get ahead of the game.

SaaS affiliate programs work so that when an affiliate refers a prospect to buy your product, the affiliate receives a commission in return.

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Three Strategies for Successfully Launching SaaS Affiliate Programs

If you’re planning to launch your SaaS or looking to grow your customer base quickly and are cash-strapped and not a fan of marketing, pay close attention to these strategies.

1. Play the long game with your funnel and pricing structures

Before deciding on your affiliate commission structure, you need to determine your SaaS pricing structure and profit margin. Do you want one-time pricing or recurring pricing? Since we’re all talking about hacking growth for a new Saas launch in this article, a proven strategy is to combine the two pricing strategies. Yes, it is counter-intuitive!

But SaaS entrepreneurs who have successfully launched SaaS products in nitro-speed mode know this is the secret sauce. The engineering of this strategy will be done in your funnel structure, where your affiliates will send traffic. Your front funnel will be a Paid Lifetime Access Plan or a Lifetime Plan (LTD). Lifetime offers are limited paid promotions.

However, communicate and enforce usage limits or restrict access to certain premium features for the LTD package. Then set up a subscription upsell. It is very important to have to offset the costs incurred in the LTD offer. Also remember that your recurring revenue must exceed your LTD revenue for the model to remain sustainable. Here are some tips for keeping this under lock and key:

2. Offer a limited number of lifetime accounts

Use in-app prompts to prompt users to upgrade to an annual subscription when they reach LTD usage limits. Use first-party data from LTD customers to optimize advertisements for the subscription offer. You need a viral loop because your LTD is a promotional strategy. This is where affiliates come in.

Lifetime offers sell out quickly and affiliates jump on them very quickly. It is on this fact that the million dollar SaaS LTD platforms and their vast affiliate network thrive. When you pay recurring commissions (on the back of commission for LTD sales) to affiliates whose leads accept your membership offer, you are entitled to quality leads.

3. Find Niche Affiliates

The next step is to find the affiliates that will form your viral loop. You have two options:

  1. Contact and recruit affiliates. Think of it as cold communication with affiliates. So where should you shoot your cold shots? It’s best to start with blogs and review sites, content creators and influencers, online communities, or brands with complementary products.
  2. Tap into an existing affiliate network. This is the way of growth hacking. Of course, you must be prepared to part with some of your income.

It is possible to get started on these platforms and not have any affiliate sales. This is where affiliate managers come in. They help you onboard great whale affiliates and manage your launch in exchange for a percentage of the launch revenue.

Here are some tips to ensure you get the best affiliates for your saas affiliate programs:

  1. Make sure they have access to your target audience
  2. Go for those with experience promoting SaaS
  3. Verify that their traffic sources are genuine
  4. Ask how they intend to promote your SaaS to ensure your interests match

SaaS marketing requires many moving parts to be successful. Therefore, do the heavy lifting for your affiliates by providing them with marketing materials to promote your product.

Your SaaS affiliate program promotional kit should include promotional email templates, media kit, how-to videos, ad creatives, testimonials, and case studies. You can support affiliates by hosting live webinars. All affiliates have to do is drive traffic to the webinars.

The LTD offering in the SaaS Affiliate Programs hybrid approach will give you the lead money, feedback, and marketing data you need to quickly grow your subscription revenue. At the same time, recurring commissions keep your affiliates motivated.

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