Here’s what happened in Fortnite’s Chapter 3 Final Event

Fortnite Chapter 3 is complete and, as usual, the existential threats proved real, as The Herald got to work quickly on the newest looper island. If you missed Chapter 3’s final Fortnite event, we’re breaking it all down for you here. It will be a few hours before Chapter 4 begins, so use that time to catch up on the story and join us as we await the discovery of some strange new land to come shortly.

Fortnite Event Recap

The Fortnite Chapter 3 final event started with a cutscene. As Chrome continued to spread across the island, a gang of resistance fighters taking up arms atop the Reality Tree launched an assault on The Herald in an attempt to stop its march through their home. . It briefly seemed hopeful, as a slew of rockets splattered the mysterious villain into tiny chrome chunks, but it quickly dashed that hope when it merged with Chrome’s tidal wave and reformed. into a gigantic version of itself.

Similar in size to Kaiju, The Herald only had to crush the resistance like gnats at a barbecue. The heroes flew away like chromified victims of its relentless march, and soon after – remarkably soon, I might add – the island was destroyed. Before players could even lift a finger to help, it looked like The Herald had won.

But The Paradigm planned for all eventualities and using the help of the player and other loopers, she quickly got to work assembling some semblance of a safe zone, as part of a plan she had. called Zero Fusion. She first had to heal and restore zero point, which players could do on their own through a long series of puzzles and mini-games. Locating Zero Point Fragments, completing Time Trials, and even completing bounty missions by snowballing “enemies” into their lobby have all helped restore life force to the center of the makeshift world, and small Little by little, the heroes reorganized the Zero Point back to working order.

This process took an unprecedented amount of time, making this Fortnite event the longest yet. While fan reactions to this oddly paced event seem mixed so far, aside from the story, it’s at least a bold new direction for the normally scripted live theater that Fortnite has stuck to. After about 30 minutes of restoration, the project was complete and The Paradigm was somehow able to reconstruct fragments of what appeared to be the previous three islands as well as entirely new parts. The end result: The Chapter 4 Mapwhich we can glimpse below, although a more in-depth look will come soon.

Our first look at the Chapter 4 map.

With teasing such as Geralt of Rivia, The Incredible Hulkand doom killer all appearing in the final moments, Chapter 4 seems to deliver on the main Fortnite promises we’ve seen with every new chapter so far: exciting new collaborations, a new world waiting to be explored, and many more mysteries. just waiting to be unraveled. Chapter 4 is only a few hours away now that Chapter 3 has just ended. See you on the other side!

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