Holiday gift guide for eco-conscious travelers

Traveling offers a better understanding of the world but can also deteriorate it. Here are some gift ideas for those who prefer to tread lightly. Almost all come from small businesses.

1. Water filtration bottle. Drink filtered water on the go instead of buying plastic water bottles with Hydros 20 oz Water Filter Bottle $20 or if local water quality is questionable, protect against bacteria, pests, dirt and sand with a $40 Lifestraw bottle.

2. Shampoo/conditioner bars. Avoid plastic shampoo bottles and airline fluid restrictions with shampoo and conditioner bars from Green Ablutions $12, Ethical $15, HiBar $13.95 or good juju $19.95. All brands have discounts on your first purchase.

3. Solar powered phone charger/lantern. This flat solar-powered phone charger from Luminaid is also a folded lantern that pops into a cube shape for the night. A red light mode ensures your stargazing won’t be interrupted if you’re using it for camping. $60

4. Laundry saver. Do less laundry on the go with Magic BrushOff, designed as a reusable stain lifter/sponge to remove deodorant, makeup marks, lint, salt marks and more from clothing and fabric surfaces. $14.50.

5. Make-up remover. Use this specially designed washcloth from Make Up Eraser instead of packing and throwing away disposable makeup wipes. $20.

6. Personal lubricant (for vehicles). Gear Hugger’s herbal lubricant can help keep bike parts, strollers, or wheelchairs moving so the recipient can “buy less, fix more, and play longer.” $13

seven. Comfortable hat in sustainable recycled wool and cotton for your winter travels. Designed in Denmark. Comes in recycled packaging. From Trendhim $39

8. Silk travel eye mask to help overlook the road. Silk can biodegrade and uses less water, chemicals and energy than many other fibers. From Saatva. $60

9. Reusable lunch and snack bags Avoid plastic bags and foil wraps on your day trips with colorful reusable, washable, and dishwasher safe zipper bags $13.50 from Green City Living.

ten. Natural insect repellent. Murphy’s Naturals DEET-Free Herbal Mosquito Repellent Balm $9.99 or Bite Relief Soothing Balm Stick $5.99 can be tossed in a purse or backpack.

11. See the house in a new way – Give the gift of experience with a food, coffee or street art tour guided by local experts from the Tours By Locals website.

12. Choice of recipient: Reduce returns and waste by giving the recipient their choice of travel item on the Snappy Gifts website. Items include a solar powered phone charger and a sustainably sourced toiletries organizer.

Note to readers: I have received product samples for review, but I will pass them on if possible (not used shampoo bars) and I do/will not receive any payment from the companies listed.

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