Hollyoaks reveals how Eric Foster gets caught up in a cutting edge story

Hollyoaks reveals how Eric Foster gets caught up in a cutting edge story

Spoiler for Hollyoaks follow.

Hollyoaks revealed how Eric Foster got caught up in the show’s dramatic storyline.

Hollyoaks escalates her story of misogyny as Maxine is currently recovering from a stroke after a night while Mitzee was doped. In this episode, Verity confronts Maxine about her plan to lure drinkers to Grace’s bar, but Maxine fights back.

“What am I supposed to do, Verity? Stay inside forever? I can’t do anything. My sister was bitten, I was attacked. It’s not safe for you, for me, for none of us,” Maxine said.

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Verity warns her that she will try to stop her, but Maxine says there is nothing she can do – her decision is clearly made. Meanwhile, striker Eric receives a text from Men First asking if he entered the party at the club later that night. He overhears Grace worrying about the lack of staff she has that evening, as she also mentions CCTV footage.

Eric, fearing the CCTV footage will incriminate him, asks him to give him a quarter-trial: “If that striker is still out there, you’re going to need all the eyes you can get.” Grace reluctantly agrees. Later, Eric works the shift and watches the CCTV cameras in the club.

He sends a text message to the group Men First: “Slagxine has no idea what awaits him. I’m in the perfect position, no camera errors and no mistakes tonight.

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Maxine pretends to be drunk in the club and asks Beau to buy her a round of drinks, which he does. Off-screen, it is implied that Eric spiked one of the drinks. Maxine then tests the drink with a drug test strip and the result is positive. She accuses Beau of being the bitch while Eric smiles.

“My drink just tested positive for drugs. The drink you gave me right after I saw you put something in your pocket,” Maxine says.

Beau denies everything and reveals that it was his bank card that he put in his pocket. Maxine asks to see the club’s CCTV at the moment and Eric says he’ll “align the footage” for her to the nearest second. However, the footage is inconclusive and Zoe says there is no evidence Beau spiked anyone. Eric pretends to be innocent.

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“Maxine, I know this must be devastating. But whoever doped you clearly knew what he was doing,” Eric says before Zoe notices Eric has a tattoo, which he hides. Later, Eric brags online about spiked the drink.

But Maxine gazes out at night at home and looks at the wanted poster, which features a blurry image of an arm with a tattoo on it. Eric promises to make Maxine’s life “hell”, but Maxine finds a picture of Eric with the tattoo on his arm. She eventually figures out that Eric is the spiker and the tell-all episode ends.

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Some omnibus episodes are available via First video.

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