How culture is globalizing

How culture is globalizing

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Today, through the media of film and television, music, art and fashion, we are all able to share a global cultural fabric.

During Session 4 of BoF VOICES 2022 on December 1, we will be touring Korea and Ghana, Japan and India to immerse the VOICES community in culture and creativity from around the world.

  • Askedartistic director of Balenciaga, in collaboration with BoF’s Imran Amed and Tim Whiteswill discuss how the groundbreaking designer used his lived experience to drive his creative process.
  • John C. JayPresident of Global Creative at Fast Retailing, will discuss why global culture and creativity matters.
  • Rosalie-Kim and Irene Kim will join Yana Peel to understand how and why South Korea has become a global cultural juggernaut.
  • Campbell Addythe British-Ghanaian photographer, director and editor, and Ekow BarnesAccra-based cultural writer and creative producer, will discuss the role visual media plays in shaping the Ghanaian nation.
  • Koji Yanaisenior executive at Fast Retailing Group, will discuss the impact of community-driven design through the Tokyo toilet project that debuted during the 2020 Paralympic Games.
  • Asma Khanchef and philanthropist, will meet with the restaurateur Judy Joe to discuss the role of food in cross-cultural sharing.

Each of the five BoF VOICES 2022 content sessions will be broadcast live for the global BoF community, from November 29 through December 1. REGISTER NOW to join us during the whole event or attend the sessions of your choice for free.


The wider world

November 29 | 3-5pm London | 10am-12pm New York

From politics and the global economy to social issues and humanitarian crises, every fashion business is impacted by the world. Here, we take a step back to understand the big picture. Inside the fashion system.

November 30 | 11am-1pm London | 6am-9am New York

The fashion industry is changing before our eyes. Here we meet the people who are wondering how this needs to change and imagining the exciting opportunities it could bring.

Technology and innovation

November 30 | 3-5pm London | 10am-12pm New York

We meet a bold group of scientists, technologists and entrepreneurs who are reshaping the world and, in doing so, the way our industry will operate in the future.

Global culture and creativity

December 1 | 11am-1pm London | 6am-9am New York

We live in an era of global culture and creativity, fueled by the rise of technological platforms that connect us all to film, television, music, art and fashion from across the planet. We travel the world to meet inspiring creative leaders.

Live your best life

December 1 | 3-5pm London | 10am-12pm New York

Let’s put things into perspective. Hear from passionate people with inspiring stories and learn how to live a life with purpose and authenticity.


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