How many games can you play in Nier: Automata’s 2B?

At the expense of 23 other strangers in Final Fantasy 14’s first Nier: Automata raid, I spent nearly a week of 2019 in a 2B-fueled rampage and rushing through bosses. I was on a mission to take my beloved catgirl – who roams the MMO as an ill-fated Yorha knockoff – and dress her in an authentic Nier costume. The RNG was not nice. The task made me miserable, fighting the same handful of fights through a fog of fatigue-induced errors until luck blessed me with a swanky new 2B outfit. Finally, hallelujah, become gods, etc., I could strut around as Automata’s most famous android.

Unless bribed or coerced, I refuse to ever go back to this raid again.

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