Issues 5 and 6 of HUXLEY™ are available to the public

Issues 5 and 6 of HUXLEY™ are available to the public

There’s never been a post-apocalyptic epic quite like HUXLEY™. Creator Ben Mauro’s opera saga took ten years to prepare – he hand-illustrated and wrote the story for several years while working as lead concept designer and art director for video game dynasties. Halo and Call of Duty as well as beloved film franchises such as Deadly Engines, The Hobbit, Elysium, Valerian and more.

HUXLEY™ is Mauro’s magnum opus – it’s a fully immersive six-issue graphic novel series across comic books, a video game vertical slice, metaverse experiences, and digital and physical collectibles in partnership with Feature. A feature film is also in the works with Marvel film producer Ari Arad helming the project.

As the world’s first Web3 franchise, HUXLEY™ first came to fruition as a graphic novel which debuted in October last year. Issues 1-4 were a hit and sent shockwaves through the NFT space on the Ethereum blockchain. It is valued at around US$16 million in secondary market trading volume with huge fan support to back the project.

This is the synopsis:

Stumbling upon a forgotten treasure map in the form of a sentient ancient robot named Huxley, two post-apocalyptic scavengers – Max and Kai – find themselves in the middle of a galactic-scale mystery.

Desperate to find a way out of the ruthless machine cities, the two soldiers embark on a journey to repair Huxley’s damaged memory cores, which may hold the location of untold riches and long-forgotten technology that could change their wealth forever.

Issues 1-4 have captivated collectors, sci-fi enthusiasts, and graphic novel fans everywhere. HUXLEY™’s post-apocalyptic epic that delves deep into the philosophies of artificial intelligence, human will and otherworldly curiosities adds depth to this gripping story of survival, hope and spirituality. It’s the perfect formula for a franchise of this magnitude that offers action-packed twists involving robots, Ronin warriors, demons, and adventures across a desolate, war-torn planet that holds many untold secrets. It’s a sci-fi spaghetti western beefed up with heart and sure to please any fan of those genres.

Issues 5 and 6, launched on November 18, conclude the initial story of the HUXLEY™ universe. Without revealing too much, NUMBER 5: The genesis sees, “Huxley uncovers the secrets of his past, while Terada tries to buy him more time.” In NUMBER 6: Metamorphosis“Huxley understands his purpose, as a new day begins.”

Both issues are available for purchase by the general public with the digital comics redeemable for physical versions. There is also a limited collector’s set available for those who own a copy of each issue. If that’s still not enough for HUXLEY™ fans and digital collectors, there are also a variety of robot and human avatars created by Mauro that represent the population of the story environment. They are currently available for purchase on OpenSea, with an AI series on the way.

These “avatars”, according to Mauro, serve as a path for collectors along their journey, allowing them to be “closer to the characters of the world” and offering a kind of “choose your own adventure in the universe of comics”.

Issues 5 and 6 are available at the public mint from November 18-23 at noon on They are priced at 0.1 ETH per lot (0.05 ETH per issue).

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