Julia Butters Creates Movie Magic With Idol Steven Spielberg

Julia Butters Creates Movie Magic With Idol Steven Spielberg

Let’s go back to the beginning. How was your journey with The Fabelmans start first?

It was April 2021 around Easter, and Amblin [Partners, Steven Spielberg’s production company] emailed my agent and my manager, and as soon as they saw Amblin, they immediately emailed it to me, like, “Oh my god, your name came out. This is the opportunity to life! So I did a self-tape, and I actually forgot to slate and refuel. In auditions for self-tapes, they always want a full body shot, and I forgot to do those two things. I sent it off, and I felt so sad and I was like, ‘I hope I didn’t just ruin my dream self-cassette.’ a few days later they said, “Steven really liked it, and we’ll let you know. That was all I really needed. Even if I didn’t get the part, it was going to satisfy me And then on my birthday, I got a call from Steven, and he wished me a happy birthday, and he said I was going to be in the movie.

What an epic birthday present! Apart from the fact that this is a Steven Spielberg project, what aspects of the story stood out to you when reading the script?

Steven likes to say that no family is perfect, and I could definitely tell what the story was by the sides I was given. It was such a powerful message to really normalize ordinary families and imperfect families, and I think it’s a very relevant topic for a lot of people, myself included, just to normalize that nobody’s perfect. No family is perfect. We all have problems, and that’s okay, and that’s normal. I think that was a very powerful message that I’m very happy to represent.

You play Reggie Fabelman, one of the three younger sisters of the central character, Sammy. What conversations did you have with Spielberg about his own relationship with his sisters?

Well, he definitely said that by writing it, he became closer to each of his sisters, especially Anne, who my character represents. They would tell me little stories about their childhood and how their mother cut her hair, and I actually cut my bangs for the part. They just told me stories about their relationship when they were younger and their relationship with their mom and dad, and it was really special to hear that.

Oh, I love that you can connect with Anne too.

Oh, sure. We are still talking. We go out for lunch from time to time to catch up. She gives me thumbnails, which is adorable. She’s like an aunt who gives presents all the time. She is so sweet. She gave me her high school ring from, I think, 1967.

It’s so special. What did you enjoy about stepping into this role?

Oh my God. Obviously, I enjoyed being on set and working with Steven and working with my on-screen family, but I really got to know Anne, and I really got to know Reggie, and I had to create Reggie. It was such a learning experience for me to be bold and brave and take action risks. The first day, after a few takes, I put out a bit of improv, and Steven laughed and loved it, and I really think I’m going into Reggie… She helped me become more confident and speak my mind . I really enjoyed that.

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