Letters from the Underground, December 20: Readers discuss Clarkson column on Markle

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Jeremy Clarkson is lyrical in his column about how much he ‘hates’ Meghan Markle – and Metro readers fired back with almost as much criticism.

The consensus is that he has every right to dislike someone for their “actions and opinions”, but his “misogynistic” choice of words will “set women back 100 years”.

Elsewhere, Qatar have been praised for their hosting of the World Cup – with some readers saying their success exposed the “hypocrisy” of the country’s critics.

Read on for more hot takes.

■ Jeremy Clarkson has been sentenced by his daughter Emily after his assault on the Duchess of Suffolk (Metro, Mon). In his Sun column, the former Top Gear presenter wrote that he dreamed of Meghan being “forced to parade naked through the streets of every town in Britain as the crowds chanted ‘Shame!’ excrement pieces.

He has since apologized for “causing so much trouble” for what he called a “clumsy” Game Of Thrones reference. If “cancel culture” was real, Clarkson would have been finished after he assaulted a Top Gear producer in 2015.

Describing what reads like a female sexual assault fantasy in a tabloid normalizes male violence against women and makes the world more dangerous for us. Kudos to Clarkson’s daughter for speaking out about his misogyny, but I’m afraid we haven’t heard the last of him. Gemma Clark, Johnstone

Jeremy Clarkson and his daughter Emily

Jeremy Clarkson and his daughter Emily (Photo: Dave Benett/Getty for Simon & Schuster UK)

■ Clarkson, you are married and have a daughter. These are your personal opinions and not those of your family or the nation at large.

While we still enjoy freedom of speech, all you’ve done is set women back 100 years. We regret the damage you have caused to your family and friends. Andy, London

Harry and Meghan

Harry and Meghan have been criticized for their Netflix documentary (Picture: Netflix)

■ What Clarkson said was wrong, but some suggest it was racist. Anyone who says his comments were racist should google the word. Greig, Edinburgh

■ I’m not a fan of Clarkson, but he may hate Meghan Markle for his actions and opinions, not for his color or gender. Red, Ruislip

“Qatar’s detractors have turned out to be complete hypocrites”

■ What a fantastic World Cup final (Metro, Monday). Two great teams – Argentina and France – go all out to win a match, which is precisely what a football tournament should be.

Qatar deserves the highest praise for this World Cup. The media and sports people who objected to the nation hosting him should have stayed away, but they turned out to be utter hypocrites by putting their egos and bank balances ahead of human rights they are supposed to care about. Stefan Badham, Portsmouth

Argentina win the World Cup

The tournament ended with Argentina beating France on penalties (Photo: Marc Atkins/Getty)

■ For all those in the West who tried to sabotage the World Cup by calling for boycotts and demonstrations, eat yourselves! It has been enjoyed by billions in Asia, Africa and South America. You are not the center of the universe. Mudher Al-Adnani, Harrow

“No one is forced to strike”

■ Denny (MetroTalk, Mon) says that “the aim of RMT leader Mick Lynch is not to raise wages and better working conditions for his members, but to take power back from the unions”. This shows a fundamental misunderstanding of the situation.

A union is only as strong as its members and if they were happy with their wages and conditions they would not support the strike. Lynch can’t force anyone to go on strike and lose their pay. Ultimately, it’s up to the individual if they’re ready to do this – and for now, it looks like they are. If Denny wants to see power taken away from unions, then maybe he should consider supporting better pay for workers. David, Eltam

Nurses and supporters protesting outside St Thomas Hospital

Nurses and supporters demonstrate outside St Thomas’ Hospital (Picture: Getty)

■ Those who condemn nurses for striking because of adverse effects on patients must consider that nurses, who cannot be easily replaced, are perfectly free to decide that they no longer want to be nurses. It would also have a negative effect on patient care – except it would be more long-term than just a strike. Rob, reading

“The new projector doesn’t really shine”

■ I am writing about the article on the new BMW i7 featured in Metro (Friday). I’ve owned a BMW for over 20 years and have no worries about BMWs. Far from being a great car, it’s really very bad. The vogue with BMW of facing their cars with huge slabs of imitation grilles is shocking. I understand they are looking at the Japanese market, in which the size of the grille is a status symbol, but this facade is as subtle as a brick.

The BMW i7

The BMW i7 (Photo: Athit Perawongmetha/Reuters)

The second point is the entertainment provided in the back seat. While there might be a reason to have this if you have a driver whose job it is to drive you in style, for anyone else the driver experience would be beyond the abyss. . However, these are not the main reasons for writing.

Your correspondent notes that “the icing on the cake” is opening the door without a key. It’s nothing new and is the leading cause of many new cars being stolen from the owner’s driveway, due to technology providing an easy-to-obtain gadget to transmit the key signal from where the owner keeps it at the doorknob, allowing any thief to jump straight into it. Graham, Hampshire

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