Leverage TikTok for marketing and other expert tips to grow a business

Small businesses today have more options than ever when it comes to marketing a business. Tons of different technology platforms and tools exist – from TikTok to Amazon to voice assistants. So how can you leverage all of this in your business? Read the tips below from members of the online small business community.

Mastering TikTok Hashtag Marketing

Hashtags are useful for increasing the visibility of posts on many social media platforms, including TikTok. But if you’re new to the platform, you might need a guide on how exactly the system works. Ivan Widjaya shares tips in this Noobpreneur article. And BizSugar members commented on the post here.

Improve your reach on Instagram

Instagram is another major social media platform that can impact small business marketing. Of course, the quality of your content is important. But that can only have a big impact if you have a significant reach on the platform. This article by Neil Patel details how to get your posts seen.

Get more social media engagement with these smart methods

With so much competition on social media, you have to be smart to stand out. Try the strategies in this Platter of Gold article by Elechi Emekobum to have a bigger impact.

Use Branded Content Tags with Facebook Reels

Reels are still a relatively new feature on Facebook. Meta therefore continues to add new features. Recently, the company added branded content tags. Learn about the benefits in this Social Media Today article by Andrew Hutchinson.

Get more views on YouTube

YouTube can be a powerful marketing channel. Or you can even earn revenue from the ad network. But you need a lot of views to achieve either of those goals. Find out how to increase your visibility on YouTube in this Blog Wizard article by Nicola Bleu.

Get results with visual marketing

Visuals are an important part of social media marketing. And they can also impact other strategies. But you have to select the right photos and graphics and use them intentionally. Learn more in this Crowdspring article by Mary Kyamko.

Get ready for Siri, Alexa and other machine clients

Voice assistants and similar technologies have a huge impact on customer behavior. Companies therefore need to be able to use platforms like these to their advantage. Christopher Sladdin shares a few methods for doing so in this MarTech article.

Improve your SME with digital tools

There are tons of digital tools available to small businesses today – it can be easy to get distracted by all the unique capabilities. But the ultimate goal of these platforms should be to improve your business in some way. John Rampton reviews some options for doing so in this SmallBizTechnology article.

Make money on Amazon

Amazon isn’t just a place to find gifts and supplies. The platform includes tons of promotional opportunities, marketplace features, and earning opportunities. Find out how to make money on Amazon in this article from Work at Home Woman by Holly Reisem Hanna.

Get the most out of brand ambassadors for your business

Brand ambassadors can include anyone who likes and spreads awareness about your business. But this concept can be particularly beneficial on social networks. If you want to get the most out of brand ambassadors for your business, check out this article on DIY marketers by Ivana Taylor for some tips.

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