Line of Duty’s Vicky McClure Teases a “Very Different” Character in New Drama

Course of action star Vicky McClure has teased a ‘very different’ character for her upcoming role in the ITV drama Without sin.

Featured in the four-part psychological thriller next to her This is England ’86 co-star and friend Johnny Harris, McClure said the new series is very different from his more recent roles.

“It’s very different from the action-packed shows I’ve done,” said McClure, who is best known for her role as DI Kate Fleming on Course of actionTold

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“It was a good change. It was a lot more emotional in that it was at a much slower pace – and the drama was elsewhere,” she said. “It was very different but that’s what I like to do, mix it up.”

In the ITV drama McClure plays Stella Tomlinsona mother who mourns her murdered teenage daughter who then forms a relationship with her daughter’s killer.

Three years after her 14-year-old daughter was found dead in the family home with killer Charles Stone (Johnny Harris) standing over her, Stella is now estranged from her husband and working as an Uber driver.

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Stella agrees to meet Charles in prison, but “nothing could prepare her for what he has to say next…”

Speaking about reuniting with his old friend Johnny Harris for the show, McClure said, “I have to work with my best friend.

“Me and Johnny always have and always will have this weird impostor syndrome where we remember doing This is England ’86 together and saying, ‘I wonder if I can afford to buy my own house someday – I wonder if we’ll find another job.'”

Touching the potential of more Course of action, she said she would “love” to do more episodes adding, “But nothing to report I’m afraid.”

Without sin will premiere on ITVX on December 28.

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