London: Activists dragged from ‘Salt Bae’ restaurant after protest

Protesters were evicted and carried out onto the street by staff at the Nusr-Et steakhouse (Picture: Twitter)

Activists have been evicted from an upscale steakhouse in central London after launching a protest sit-in.

Eight people targeted Nusr-Et, in Knightsbridge, made famous by ‘Salt Bae’.

The Turkish leader went viral for his extravagant method used to decorate the steak with salt.

Salt Bae – real name Nusret Gökçe – has since enjoyed success with several restaurants around the world, including Nusr-Et in London.

He drew attention for his expensive menu items, including a ‘golden tomahawk’ steak encrusted with 24-karat gold leaf

Animal Rebellion has sent a group to organize a sit-in protest at the steakhouse tonight.

Activists had been seen occupying tables reserved for customers and holding “fictitious menus” describing the group’s main demands stylized as a starter, main course and dessert.

A video released by the campaign group shows a member of the group being led into the premises.

A loud bang can be heard in the steakhouse as staff cheerfully say ‘goodbye’ to the activist.

Student Ben Thomas, 20, said: ‘Restaurants like these symbolize a broken system.

“With two million people currently relying on food banks in the UK, influential chefs are selling gold-plated steaks for over £1,000.

“Steaks and other red meats, which we know have the highest environmental impacts.”

Metropolitan Police attended the scene but confirmed the protesters had already left the restaurant.

Nusret Gokce, nicknamed Salt Bae, owns several restaurants around the world (Photo: Getty Images)
Since opening the Nusr-Et site, it has drawn attention to its pricey menu items, including a ‘golden tomahawk’ steak encrusted with 24-karat gold leaf (Photo: Leon Neal/Getty Images)

Following the stunt, Animal Rebellion tweeted: “Animal Rebellion supporters being dragged away by security at @nusr_et ‘s restaurant in London!

“The restaurant is famous for its steaks – products of environmental destruction and the exploitation of workers and animals. It is not a sustainable food system.

They completed the post with the hashtag #PlantBasedFuture.

Salt Bae’s restaurant, which opened just over a year ago, includes menu items such as a ‘Golden Burger’ for £100, ‘Golden Kafes’ for £500 and a ‘Golden Giant Tomahawk steak” sold for a staggering £1,450.

Soft drinks, such as Coca Cola, would cost over £9 each.

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