Manchester: Footage captures 90mph car race that ended in fatal crash

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A motorist has left his friend for dead after crashing during a high-speed road race between the pair.

Both drivers recorded speeds of between 70 and 90 miles per hour on public roads in Manchester last June.

Craig Norman went through a 30mph zone while competing with his “lifelong” friend James Dickson.

Manchester Crown Court heard how Mr Dickson hit another car as he tried to pass it before losing control and crashing into railings.

Mr Dickson died of head injuries as a passenger in the car was thrown onto the road.

The court heard Norman managed to avoid the collision but slowed down to check the damage before fleeing.

He was later arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving on July 1.

Norman denied racing with Mr Dickson and described the accident as a ‘tragic accident’ which was not his fault.

At the time, Mr Dickson was driving while intoxicated and the two men had both been banned from driving.

craig norman

Craig Norman has been jailed for his part in the crash (Picture: MEN Media)

Norman was found guilty of causing death by dangerous driving after a trial.

He was sentenced to nine years, two-thirds of which was spent in custody and an additional five years on licence. He was banned from driving for eight years.

Police Sergeant Louise Warhurst, of Greater Manchester Police, said: ‘It is truly difficult to understand the impact of Craig Norman’s reckless and ultimately deadly actions.

“Situations like this are exactly why we are doing so much work to ensure that the roads of Greater Manchester are safer for all of us so that fewer families have to receive this tragic news.

“He not only showed no respect for anyone but himself during the incident, but has since offered nothing of genuine compassionate remorse for his inexcusable actions.

“It is a sad but very real part of our job that we often see the devastating impact of dangerous criminal behavior on our roads, but these tragic events would largely be preventable if everyone took extra precautions for those who surround them and who also want to use our streets safely.

Mr Dickson’s sister Kelly said in a court statement: ‘I know James has been an idiot and I know he shouldn’t have driven that car, but I truly believe that if Craig Norman doesn’t hadn’t encouraged and pushed him into a race, James would never have driven that way and he wouldn’t have died.

“I don’t want people to remember James for the bad decision he made that day, I want them to remember he was a son, a brother, a father and an uncle.”

She said her younger brother had a “heart of gold” and was a “caring” person.

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