Martine McCutcheon admits she doesn’t watch Love Actually at Christmas

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Martine McCutcheon, who plays Natalie in the popular festive classic love in factadmitted that she doesn’t watch the movie on Christmas like most others probably do.

In an interview with Metrothe musician and actress revealed that she didn’t enjoy watching the movie over Christmas.

“I have never, ever been able to look back on anything! When I’m on set and watching the monitor, then I can be objective and bring my actress up front and know what I need to do differently… but once it’s done and it’s in the box, there is something so bizarre about seeing in front of the television or on a big cinema screen, ”she explained.

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“I’m not the only one, a lot of actors I talk to, even though they love the process, seeing it again is really strange. My family loves the movie, but I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I’m going to go do a dessert’ or whatever when it comes along,” she said.

“I’m blown away that all these years later it’s been this phenomenon and such a part of people’s Christmas and people have it in their hearts and love it so much, I think it’s a real honor, I think How lovely,” she added.

She also talked about how the film has aged and how she feels about it 20 years later, knowing that some parts of the film don’t work as well in today’s world, including comments about the weight of his character.

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“There’s a lot going on there that isn’t PC, that isn’t perfect, that isn’t something you should ideally want. But these are real human emotions, and human beings aren’t always perfect. And there’s something about Natalie’s vulnerability, and I think Richard [Curtis] wanted a character who didn’t realize what she had,” she said.

“She didn’t realize that it was actually her boyfriend who was the idiot and there was nothing wrong with her, she was adorable the way she was. The fact that she to be so open to the most powerful man in the land about his little vulnerability about himself was a very human thing I think that’s part of what makes him human, and the fact that it’s very real “, she added.

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