Marvel’s Midnight Suns Has The Best Amnesiac Protagonist Since Knights of the Old Republic

Dissociative amnesia is a stress-related condition in which you can forget information about yourself, events in your life, and even learned skills. In reality, it is fortunately rare – the American hospital network Cleveland Clinic (opens in a new tab) says that about 1% of men and 2.6% of women in the general population are affected. But among video game protagonists, the prevalence is much higher and memory loss is usually significant.

Geralt spent two games remembering who the love of his life was, using the time that passed to explore a romantic relationship with one of his best friends instead. The entire plot of Knights of the Old Republic hinged on a complete lack of knowledge of who you were and where you came from, setting you up for a famous twist. And this year, FPS parkour neon white (opens in a new tab) used the oblivion of its titular anime killer to create a sense of unease around companion characters who may or may not have manipulated you. To paraphrase Guy Pearce: Don’t believe their lies.

(Image credit: 2K)

From a game developer’s perspective, the practical benefits of the condition are clear. Amnesia explains how a character can start at the bottom and quickly climb a skill tree, achieving mastery of acrobatic and magical abilities that were completely foreign to them just weeks earlier. Overall, relearning is easier than learning.

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