Metaverse Fashion Week Back in March: What to Expect

Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW) is set to make a comeback, said event organizer and host platform Decentraland.

The metaverse-based fashion event will be held from March 28-31, 2023, as a virtual conclusion to the Spring/Summer fashion season.

For this year, virtual social world Decentraland and non-fungible token market (NFT) UNXD have collaborated with the Spatial and Over metaverses to expand the event to new platforms.

The main theme of MVFW23 is “Future Heritage”, which will focus on connecting the next generation of designers and traditional fashion designers with the aim of connecting the different metaverse worlds.

Speaking on the upcoming show, UNXD Co-Founder and CEO Shashi Menon said in a statement, “MVFW is a pivotal moment for digital fashion where brands and consumers can experience the future. of fashion.

“MVFW is a direct extension of UNXD’s mission to bridge the gap between the real world and the metaverse. After our successful first season with Decentraland, we are excited to expand the MVFW platform together to encompass additional metaverses.

What to expect

By adding two new metaverse platforms to the mix, Decentraland said it seeks to encourage digital fashion designers to consider the possibilities of multiple worlds a “wearable” can be brought to.

To build on this, the company convenes an advisory board of curators, such as the Institute of Digital Fashion (iODF) and The Fabricator, to select designers to participate. Selected individuals will contribute to a new digital plaza to showcase fashion and activations.

Miami Fashion Week will be the first recognized fashion week to participate, with shows and special activations to be held at the organization’s own venue, L’Atelier, located in Decentraland’s Luxury Fashion District.

Tech companies Threedium and Cash Labs, as well as decentralized commerce company Boson, will also be back for this season, each bringing a variety of in-game experiences, such as a luxury mall with retail infrastructure, sales of phygital products and augmented reality (AR) activations.

New features aimed at boosting digital luxury

As with its previous edition, MVFW will focus on luxury for the event, returning to its Luxury Fashion District where a number of brands are expected to launch digital collections on the catwalks and in stores.

While the full lineup will be announced in early January, the platform said it set out to make it easier for brands to participate in the metaverse with new self-service tools to create wearables. Additionally, Decentraland has also introduced the ability to “rent” land for specific periods of time.

Luxury fashion houses will be on display in various environments across the neighborhood, while emerging designers will also be added to the program through MVFW Neo, a new division celebrating next-generation digital designers who have been handpicked by Decentraland.

As part of MVFW, the event’s first official model, Tangpoko, will be unveiled.

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